6mm ARC Barrels & Complete Uppers from Brownells


Brownells Unveils Exclusive Products For New 6mm ARC Cartridge

GRINNELL, Iowa – (ArmsVault) – Brownells unveiled a line of exclusive barrels and complete uppers chambered in Hornady’s newly-announced 6mm ARC – a cartridge designed to optimize long-range performance potential in standard-sized AR-15 rifles.

Using the same bolt and magazine as the 6.5 Grendel, the 6mm ARC capitalizes on the enhanced ballistics of 6mm bullets. The 108 grain ELD MATCH load from Hornady lists a muzzle velocity of 2,750 FPS out of a 24-inch barrel.

Some models of Brownells exclusive AR-15 barrels chambered in 6mm ARC are in stock and shipping now. The complete uppers and other barrels are live for pre-orders and are expected to be in stock and shipping later in summer 2020.

Exclusive 6mm ARC products available at Brownells include:

Ballistic Advantage Barrels

  • 915-000-096: 6mm ARC Barrel 16” SPR Profile, Mid-Length, 1-7 twist. $223.99 retail
  • 915-000-097: 6mm ARC Barrel 18” SPR Profile, Rifle Length, 1-7 twist. $242.99 retail
  • 915-000-098: 6mm ARC Barrel 20” DMR Profile, Rifle Length, 1-7 twist. $251.99 retail
  • 915-000-099: 6mm ARC Barrel 22” Heavy Profile, Rifle length, 1-7 twist. $270.99 retail
  • 915-000-100: 6mm ARC Barrel 24” Heavy Profile, Rifle Length, 1-7 twist. $280.99 retail

Brownells Faxon Barrels

  • 078-000-605: 6mm ARC Barrel 14.5” Carbine, 1-8 twist. $199.99 retail
  • 078-000-606: 6mm ARC Barrel 16” Mid-Length, 1-8 twist. $205.99 retail
  • 078-000-607: 6mm ARC Barrel 18” Mid-Length, 1-8 twist. $210.99 retail
  • 078-000-608: 6mm ARC Barrel 20” Rifle, 1-8 twist. $215.99 retail

Aero Precision Complete Uppers

  • 100-040-979: Complete Upper, 6mm ARC, 16″ stainless barrel. $749.00 retail
  • 100-040-980: Complete Upper, 6mm ARC, 18″ stainless barrel. $759.99 retail
  • 100-040-981: Complete Upper, 6mm ARC, 18″ black barrel. $769.99 retail
  • 100-040-982: Complete Upper, 6mm ARC, 20″ stainless barrel. $769.99 retail
  • 100-040-983: Complete Upper, 6mm ARC, 24″ stainless barrel. $799.99 retail
6mm ARC BCG Barrel Magazine

In addition to 6mm ARC uppers and barrels, Brownells also carries 6.5 Grendel bolts and magazines from various manufacturers, with both required to change any standard-sized AR-15 over to the new 6mm ARC cartridge.

Brownells also has certain types of 6mm ARC ammunition.

To see more, visit the Brownells 6mm ARC page

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