TETRA Online Hearing Test and Product Selector


TETRA Offers Online Hearing Test and Product Selector

NASHVILLE, Tenn., – (ArmsVault) – Sportsmen and women across the globe participate in outdoor activities where it’s imperative to wear hearing protection or, in some cases, amplification devices. The problem is knowing what to wear if you’re big game hunting, wing shooting, busting clays, driving a tractor or simply working in the yard. Hearing technology company, TETRA, has developed an online hearing test and product selector application to assist in outfitting outdoor enthusiasts with the best TETRA device to fit all their hearing and protective needs.

TETRA Hearing Protection

Through TETRA’s online hearing test, users can receive the results for their personal hearing profile in less than five minutes. Simply plug a headset or pair of earbuds into your computer, follow the instructions to test the hearing in each ear and submit your results. TETRA’s team will then program the user’s purchased devices to their precise hearing needs.

“Protecting your hearing is the easy part,” said Dr. Bill Dickinson, CEO of TETRA. “Creating a great listening experience has always been the challenge. We provide the ultimate hearing experience when you’re outdoors. Our Specialized Target Optimization™ algorithm is programmed into each device and isolates and enhances the unique sounds specific to your outdoor activity. All TETRA products are programmed with AlphaShield Compression™ technology that instantly shuts down and recovers from loud noises such as gunshots, while still enabling users to have normal conversations.”

In addition, the TETRA product selector provides an easy three-step process to choose the device that’s best suited to the users needs:
1. Select all of the outdoor pursuits that apply to your interests.
2. Choose between a custom fit or a universal fit.
3. Click on the icon that best describes your current hearing. If you’re
unsure, TETRA offers a FREE online hearing test.

The founders of TETRA are not only passionate about hunting and shooting, but are professional audiologists having the highest expertise in sound and hearing technology. They developed the most advanced hearing technology ever offered for the outdoors enthusiast.

TETRA’s goal is to change the industry’s attitudes and behaviors around the need to protect our ears from all the things we do that damage our hearing. TETRA isn’t just joining the hearing protection category, they’re redefining it.

To find out which TETRA product is right for you, check out TETRA’s product selector or take their online hearing test. For more information, visit www.tetrahearing.com.