HSGI and Magpull Giveaway

High Speed Gear

HSGI® holds four weeks of giveaways with Magpul

SWANSBORO, N.C., – (ArmsVault) – High Speed Gear® will give away an assortment of Polymer TACOs®, PMAGs® and other gear from HSGI® and Magpul® every Friday for four weeks starting May 15.

The company will hold the giveaway through an online contact submission form, selecting a random winner from the submissions each week. Throughout the giveaway, HSGI will award an assortment of Polymer TACOs, six 30-round 5.56x45mm PMAGs, two 17-round 9mm Glock PMAGs, two 21-round 9mm Glock PMAGs, enough Polymer TACOs to pair with the corresponding PMAGs, a medium DAKA® Window Pouch, a Magpul hat and two HSGI T-shirts. Winners will get to select which Polymer TACOs (i.e., pistol, rifle, Double Decker® or X2R™) they want to match their awarded PMAGs.

“PMAGs and TACOs have already been paired together as the official magazines and magazine pouches of the Marine Corps, so it only made sense to partner with Magpul for this giveaway,” said Allison Mitchum, HSGI director of sales and marketing.

During the monthlong giveaway, HSGI will make several social media posts directing followers to the submission form and detailing the prize for that week. To enter for the giveaway, please visit https://bit.ly/35KSdxm

HSGI’s Polymer TACO line is made with a durable and flexible, proprietary polymer and laced together with shock cord for great versatility. These pouches grip and retain a wide variety of rifle and pistol magazine styles and calibers.

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