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Launch Day for the Diamondback DBX 5.7 Is Here

(Cocoa, FL) – (ArmsVault) – Diamondback Firearms, creator of high quality firearms and industry leading components, is proud to announce the launch of the highly anticipated DBX 5.7.

Diamondback unveiled this exciting new product in January at Range Day for SHOT Show 2020 in Las Vegas, NV where media attendees were able to handle and test the product at a live fire range in the desert. With overwhelming positive feedback, Diamondback is excited for the official launch day of the DBX 5.7 today, May 7, 2020.

Diamondback DBX 5 7
Diamondback DBX 5.7

The DBX 5.7 is a one-of-a-kind semi-auto pistol chambered in 5.7x28mm with an 8″ barrel. It has a standard AR-15 mil-spec trigger and a Magpul MOE-K grip. It’s composed of a hard coat anodized 7075 aluminum frame and a 6061 aluminum handguard. It includes a DBX muzzle device, a Magpul Handstop kit and a 20-round magazine. The DBX 5.7 also comes equipped with a rear picatinny mounted, side-folding brace. With the brace, it has an overall length of 25.4″ versus a 16.1″ length without the brace. It has a slim profile of just 1.25″ and weighs 3 lbs unloaded without the brace.

“Diamondback Firearms is very excited that the DBX 5.7 launch day has finally arrived,” says Kaley Cox, Marketing Director for Diamondback America. “We have been so encouraged from the feedback we received since the product unveiling in January, and now it’s time to bring the DBX 5.7 to the hands of our customers.”

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