Savage Rifle Upgrade with Helix 6 Precision Carbon Fiber Barrels

Helix 6 Precision

Savage Rifle Upgrade with Helix 6 Precision Carbon Fiber Barrels

Vancouver, WA., – (ArmsVault) – Savvy shooters select Savage rifles for value-priced performance and a wide range of aftermarket parts. Helix 6 Precision barrels let shooters easily upgrade to one of their premium carbon fiber barrels. Thanks to the Helix 6 pre-fit barrels and Savage Barrel Nut System, installation is quick and easy using only a few tools. Choose Helix 6 Precision’s pre-fit carbon fiber Savage barrels on your next build or upgrade, in four popular long-range and hunting cartridges, for lightweight comfort and match-grade accuracy.

Every Helix 6 Savage barrel, like all their premium-grade carbon fiber precision barrels, feature a hand lapped 416R Stainless steel core wrapped in carbon fiber using a proprietary process. The final product is a precision rifle barrel that delivers tack-driving accuracy and superior performance. Helix 6 Precision builds the world’s ultimate carbon fiber barrels, including pre-fit Savage barrels, right here in the USA.

Helix 6 Savage Rifle

Savage pre-fit barrels come in four popular cartridges: 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm Remington Magnum, 308 Winchester and 300 Winchester Magnum. The 7mm Rem Mag and 300 Win Mag feature 26-inch barrels, while the 6.5 CM and 308 Win feature 24-inch barrels. The 30 caliber barrels use a 1:10 twist; the 6.5mm and 7mm have faster 1:8 twist barrels. Even with its straight bull contour, these barrels only weigh about 2¾-pounds! Helix 6 Precision cuts industry-standard 5/8-24 muzzle threads on all Savage pre-fit barrels for easy installation of an aftermarket muzzle brake or suppressor.

Installing a Helix 6 Precision carbon fiber barrel on your Savage rifle is simple. The main tools you’ll need are a Savage barrel nut wrench, a barrel vice and a cartridge-specific headspace gauge (no-go and go). If this is beyond your comfort level, ask your gunsmith for help.

Helix 6 Precision uses only premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing technology to create the world’s ultimate carbon fiber barrel. Available now as pre-fit barrels for Savage rifles, it is easy to upgrade to the best.

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Helix 6 Precision began with the singular goal of producing the world’s finest carbon fiber barrel. For 20 years it has been their passion to build the finest precision rifles available using only premium components. Bad experiences and dissatisfaction with the industry’s carbon fiber barrels led them to seek out the world’s most innovative engineers in carbon fiber design and fabrications.

We continue to push the limits of innovation to improve our process and products. We use only premium materials and cutting edge manufacturing technology, to produce the highest quality, handcrafted, carbon fiber barrel on the market. 100% Made in USA.
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