CorrosionX – Keep Firearms Rust-Free

Corrosion X

Keep Firearms Rust-Free with CorrosionX®

Garland, TX. – (ArmsVault) – Guns have two natural enemies: politicians and rust. CorrosionX can make worries about the latter a thing of the past.

Hunters tend to think of guns being protected when locked away, but the damaging effects of moisture can crack even the most secure safe. With a coating of CorrosionX, your favorite firearm will not be covered in rust the next time you take it out.

The Fluid Thin Film Coating (or ‘FTFC’) technology contained in CorrosionX penetrates and fills the microscopic grooves found in metal, protecting your firearms on a molecular level. CorrosionX bonds with metal and metal alloys to seal out moisture, disrupt and prevent corrosion, enhance lubrication and prevent gun fouling from sticking to the firearm. This shuts down corrosion and rust before it happens. Since CorrosionX sticks to metal like a magnet, it will not run off firearms and onto a safe’s floor like some products.

The U.S. Navy trusts CorrosionX to protect its most advanced warships and delicate components such as the circuitry contained in the most sophisticated fighter jets. Hunters can trust it to store valued firearms in the offseason. The FTFC will make removing fouling a breeze.

Pick up a bottle of CorrosionX and enjoy rust-free storage and easy cleaning. Whether lubricating a favorite semi-auto or protecting a duck gun from saltwater, CorrosionX has it covered. Buy with confidence, knowing that CorrosionX stands behind its products.

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Corrosion Technologies develops and commercializes many of the most effective protective chemical products available today. The company was formed in Dallas, TX, in February 1988 under the name of Corrosion Block, Inc. to import and distribute an anti-corrosion product used in the general aviation industry. In July 1992, the company changed its name to Corrosion Technologies to reflect a broader range of endeavor; and, in November 1993, undertook expanded operations as a manufacturer of a complete line of anti-corrosion products and equipment for aviation, marine, automotive, RV, maintenance, industrial, agricultural, sporting goods, R/C, firearms and household / general purpose uses. The brand names associated with these products are CorrosionX®, CorrosionX® Aviation, CorrosionX® Heavy Duty, CorrosionX® for Guns, ReelX® and SpeedX®. Each utilizing core technologies featuring the latest developments in Polar Bonding and Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) technology, yet unique in their designs for specific applications.

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