CZ-USA P-10 Rated Best Compact Semi-Auto


Ballistic Magazine Rates the CZ-USA P-10 as the Best Compact Semi-Auto of 2019!


Kansas City, KS – (ArmsVault) – CZ-USA is honored to announce that Ballistic Magazine has awarded CZ-USA’s P-10 S Optics-Ready pistol the publication’s “Best Compact Semi-Auto Pistol” for 2019.

The CZ P-10 S was put to the test against nine other semi-autos, and when all the factors had been judged and rated-from ergonomics to accuracy, from looks to price-the P-10 came out on top as Ballistic’s Best!

“When it came down to it, feature for feature, per dollar spent, the P-10 S was, at least for this round, the best of the breed,” noted Ballistics’ Garret Lucas in evaluating the pistol. “I think the P-10 series is the pinnacle of modern, compact fighting pistols-even more so when you consider the price.”

“It’s truly a thrill and honor to have the P-10 S recognized as Ballistic’s Best Compact Semi-Auto for 2019,” said Jason Morton, Vice President of Marketing at CZ-USA. “As with everything else we accomplish here at CZ-USA, the P-10 S was a team effort and could not have happened without our dedicated and very knowledgeable employees.”

He added, “From the designers to the people in the actual manufacturing, to the office staff and warehouse personnel, everyone at CZ-USA had a hand in making the CZ P-10 S become a Ballistic’s Best award winner!”

Published by Athlon Outdoors, Ballistic Magazine is a quarterly magazine devoted to readers looking for the perfect blend of firearms, survival and high-tech products and information.

Every year, Ballistic rates their “Best” of various types of firearms and a host of other shooting sports gear. You can read about the CZ P-10 S test at

The CZ P-10 S OR features a swappable magazine release, a crisp trigger, superior ergonomics and rugged reliability, all packaged in an operator-friendly, striker-fired pistol. It ships with a blank filler plate for easy mounting of an optic, but also comes standard with a front tritium night sight, rear serrated combat sights. Co-witness sights are available as well.

Since 1997, CZ-USA has given American shooters and hunters the best firearms the Czech Republic has to offer. In 2019, we completed yet another milestone by producing CZ firearms here in the United States at CZ-USA’s Kansas City, Kansas, facility. With our ever-increasing production capabilities stateside, CZ-USA will continue to improve, innovate, and add to the CZ-USA line-up of high-quality, affordable handguns, rifles, shotguns, and suppressors, plus custom-quality handguns from Dan Wesson.

For more information, please visit WWW.CZ-USA.COM