HIPERFIRE HIPERTECH White Papers (AR15 Trigger Information)



October 2019 – (ArmsVault) – HIPERFIRE has become known for its trigger products over the past six years finding its most adoptive fan base among competitive 3-gunners.  Among all shooters of the AR15 platform, they most appreciate the influence that the intimate connection between the shooter and his trigger plays in the performance of their sport: speed, reliability, and shot-placement accuracy.  HIPERFIRE seeks to expose that experience to the broader shooting population.  You see, HIPERFIRE triggers are not just for competition, but any application whether by the hunter, home defender, prepper, LEO, or MIL operator.  To that end, HIPERFIRE introduces its first pair of technical white papers on the subject of “what makes a good trigger” called HIPERTECH™, short for HIgh PERformance TECHnology.  The Bulletin series discusses every imaginable trigger feature that any shooter should consider.  Who seeks to improve his skill by utilizing the best that American ingenuity can supply.  Bulletins will be released every third consecutive Tuesday beginning today, October 1, 2019.

Visit www.hiperfire.com to access the Bulletins and video summaries as they become available.

Bulletin #1: Cam-Over Toggle Engine

HIGH PERFORMANCE FIREARMS LLC (d.b.a. HIPERFIRE) is a Minnesota limited liability company organized in 2011.  It designs, manufactures, and sells novel products into the MSR marketplace to satisfy the unmet needs of the more demanding recreational and professional shooters.