DRAW Academy Firearms Training Course

JM4 Tactical

JM4 Tactical and JM4 Dimensions Introduce D.R.A.W. Academy Firearms Training Course

Abilene, TX — (ArmsVault) – JM4 Tactical and JM4 Dimensions are proud to introduce a completely new and unique firearms training program to the civilian market. We have recently formed a strategic relationship with D.R.A.W. Academy. The course is created by renowned firearms instructor Jason Speller of the Law Enforcement D.R.A.W. School and is great for gun owners of all experience levels from beginner to advanced. This science-based training is designed to help students take their handgun skills to the next level. What is truly unique about D.R.A.W. Academy is its hybrid approach to instruction. The student can train with a certified D.R.A.W. instructor in-person or on their own via the online training system. Ideally, the student learns by employing a combination of BOTH.

JM4 DRAW Academy Firearms Training

“We saw a need for quality firearm instruction and wanted to help fill that gap,” said Chad Myers, co-owner of JM4 Dimensions. “With the steady rise in the number of concealed gun carriers, we wanted to bridge the training gap by bringing one of the most comprehensive training programs available to Texas, and have no doubt that people will travel from around the country to attend. For those who are unable to travel to West Texas, we also offer D.R.A.W. Academy as an online course that gun owners can take from the comfort of their own home,” he concluded.

The D.R.A.W. Academy program is different from all other training programs in that it is firmly based on research and development from scientists, Olympic team doctors, and neurologists. Using this as a foundation, Jason Speller has created a system that makes the concepts and methods simple to understand and fun to practice.

Each module is carefully designed to help you train properly and learn how to adapt to your physical abilities regardless of your age, size, or gender. Using the innovative BarrelBlok training and safety device (included with the program) makes it possible for students to safely train with their own firearm in the comfort of their own home.

For more info on the in-person course at the JM4 Dimensions training facility, visit their website here. For more information on the D.R.A.W. Academy online training program, visit this website.

About JM4:

Founded in March, 2016 the main objectives for the owners of JM4 Tactical were twofold: First, they wanted to give gun owners everywhere the chance to carry their concealed gun in comfort. Thus their flagship holster, The Quick, Click, and Carry was born. In the process of developing that holster the second objective was also completed, which was to help create long-lasting jobs for the local community. JM4 Dimensions, the other part of the JM4 brand, is a new, state of the art firearms training facility that offers realistic simulation programs. JM4 Dimensions is the first affiliate in the DRAW Academy, and offers other training programs including those dedicated to couples, child firearm safety, shoot/don’t shoot scenarios, and home invasions.