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Equipping The CCW Customer In September Shooting Industry

The burgeoning concealed-carry segment continues to be a “must-have” category for dealers. In Shooting Industry’s September issue, readers will learn how stores positioning themselves as resource centers through training and education programs have achieved continued growth among CCW customers.

“As today’s threats are ever-present on social media and news platforms, we’re seeing an increase in our range members and guests looking to develop defensive skills,” notes Christopher Harman, Blackstone’s director of instruction. “Some CCW/CCH permit holders already have the basic shooting fundamentals but are not experienced or knowledgeable in how to deploy their firearm accurately or negotiate terrain under duress in low light or confined conditions.”

Shooting Industry - Equipping CCW Customers

In “Tools For Driving Business: Combine Brick-And-Mortar Advantage With E-Commerce Presence,” Tim Barker highlights the benefits of adding an online sales element to a physical storefront — gleaning the perspective of two successful stores, along with Gearfire executives.

Todd Lockburner, COO & Co-Owner of Magnum Shooting Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., advises, “Always make the sale, whether it’s retail, classes or memberships. Online sales are going to give you a higher profit margin at the end of the day, from a payroll perspective.”

Additional features in the September issue include “Make The Most Of Whitetail Hunting Sales” — catering to deer hunters with the right product mix can drive significant dollars to the bottom line. Storage-product sales represent an opportunity to ensure customers protect themselves, and others, by storing their firearms responsibly as explained in “Safe And Secure.” With virtue signaling against the firearms industry becoming more commonplace, Shari LeGate highlights how companies can reclaim autonomy in “Taking A Stand.”

Everyday Marketing breaks down the basics content marketing, and how this exchange of information between buyer and seller represents an important part of the marketing mix — and one that should be used wisely. The Arms & The Woman column identifies “Must-Have Deer Season Gear For Female Hunters,” including firearms, gear, apparel and scent-control products designed specifically for women. This month’s Personal Defense Market  — “Training: Selling More Than A Product” — reminds dealers their expertise and knowledge is typically what brings customers through the door.

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