Outdoor Solutions Long-Range Shooting Schools

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Outdoor Solutions Announces Long-Range Shooting Schools 2020 Spring Schedule

Schedule includes newly opened Michigan location

TULSA, Okla. – (ArmsVault) – Outdoor Solutions announces its 2020 spring schedule for its highly popular long-range shooting schools. Outdoor Solutions hosts its long-range shooting schools in Texas, Utah and now at the newly opened location in Michigan. 

“Following an upsurge in demand in 2019, we have made more classes available for 2020 and opened up a new location in Michigan for our clients in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions,” said Outdoor Solutions Founder Greg Ray. “We are looking forward to another great year of helping shooters and hunters get the most from their gear.”

Outdoor Solutions Long-Range Shooting Schools
Outdoor Solutions Long-Range Shooting Schools

As part of their outfitter vetting services pairing hunters with the top trusted outfitters across the globe, Outdoor Solutions also specializes in preparing hunters who expect to take longer shots in the field. With many hunters yet to down an animal at longer distances, Outdoor Solutions’ Long-Range Shooting School will help extend their ethical hunting distances and instill the confidence needed when it matters most.

As part of the curriculum that demonstrates shooters can use off-the-shelf, economic-friendly rifles, optics and suppressors, Outdoor Solutions has partnered with Remington, ZEISS and Advanced Armament to provide all the gear needed, including Hornady ammunition.

“Many people think you have to have an expensive $10,000 custom rifle setup to consistently shoot precise shots out to 1,000 yards,” said Ray. “Each one of our students will hit the 1,000-yard target during the first day using standard rifles, optics and ammunition. It’s great to see their smiles when they hear the ringing of steel report back.”

The two-day classes focus on reconfirming shooting basics, teaching proper shooting techniques and highlighting the limitations of both the hunter and equipment. The classes include bench shooting, in-field practical shooting, how to correctly use optics, creating a range card and using a ballistic app for their equipment combination.

Outdoor Solutions’ instructors are highly qualified with years of experience in teaching with backgrounds in military and law enforcement. Instructors present the information in easy-to-understand presentations that are not overwhelming or confusing. Class sizes are also kept low for a high instructor-to-student ratio with plenty of one-on-one time.

The classes include transportation to and from the lodge, food and beverages, three-nights lodging and two days of training. Days are filled with learning and practicing new learned skills while evenings are casual and spent relaxing and discussing the day’s events. As the spring classes begin to fill up, Outdoor Solutions may schedule new dates available to book. The current school schedule can be found here. 

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Outdoor Solutions provides expert instruction at long-range shooting schools in Texas and Utah and has trained hundreds of shooters and hunters to extend their effective shooting ranges. Outdoor Solutions also provides outdoor enthusiasts access to hundreds of pre-vetted hunting and fishing destinations around the world. The Outdoor Solutions staff has successfully planned thousands of hunting excursions, fishing trips and corporate retreats. 

For more information about Outdoor Solutions and their services, go online to www.outdoorsolutionscorp.com