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Save The Planet And Look Good Doing It: Nighthawk Custom’s Agent 2 In Nov. GUNS

(ArmsVault) – “Have you ever found yourself in the presence of something that left you just a little bit tingly? You get a little of that same buzz when first you heft the Agent 2 from Nighthawk Custom,” remarks Will Dabbs, MD following his introduction to GUNS Magazine’s November cover gun.

Dabbs praises the resplendent capabilities and exceptionally “cool” look of the Agent 2: “The gun looks like a sci-fi blaster and runs like a politician towards money. Its salient mechanical features enhance control, while the many-splendored, optimized details perfectly interface flesh with steel. The end result is the ultimate iteration of John Moses Browning’s incomparable masterpiece.”

GUNS Magazine - November 2019
GUNS Magazine - November 2019

With the Ravin 26 crossbow, archery dynamite comes in a tiny package — and offers hunters looking to extend their season a worthy “moonlighting” option. At just 9.25″ axle-to-axle and a mere 6.5 lbs., the compact Ravin’s accuracy delivers in spades, as Mark Hampton discovered with the one-shot-drop of an unsuspecting tom at 30 yards.

Mark lends, “If you’re in the market for a crossbow, the Ravin just might be up your alley. It’s compact, easy to carry, painless to cock (and de-cock) and impressively accurate. We think it’s going to fill a freezer or two with venison this fall.”

In honor of Savage Arms’ 125th anniversary, the November GUNS Giveaway is topped by a 110 Storm featuring the AccuFit system. Chambered in .270 Win., the Storm has a 4-round capacity, 22″ barrel and weighs 7.45 lbs. The winner will also receive a Sparta 100-oz. Mil-Spec Crux from CamelBak, 20 rounds of Gold Medal Berger .224 Valkyrie from Federal Ammunition and an Efficient Black folding knife from Spyderco. The entire package is valued at nearly $1,200. Readers are invited the enter the free drawing at

More highlights from the November issue include, “The .44 Magnum Opus: History Revealed — From Somebody Who Was There!” John Taffin reflects on more than 60 years of excellence and all around performance of the sixgun load, and the fine revolvers which have been made for it. Meanwhile, Massad Ayoob muses on every day carry in the Handgun column. Though the debate continues, it ultimately boils down to: “Carry a gun you can shoot well and know you can hit with under extreme stress.” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder — so when it comes to refinishing prizes of yesteryear, should you … or shouldn’t you? Mike “Duke” Venturino lends his two cents in Montana Musings. The ever-popular Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifle just entered a new realm courtesy of Umarex. Gunpowder fans of the original will feel right at home (and can safely plink indoors, too!) with an air-powered version as Tom McHale details in the Air Power installment.

For even more GUNS content, access November’s Online Exclusive from John Taffin: “Smith & Wesson .44 Combat Magnum — Big-Bore Punch From A Short-Barrel L-Frame,”  at Digital subscriptions and the November issue are available for purchase at