Sponsors for 2019 National High Power Rifle Championships Announced

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NRA Announces Sponsors For 2019 National High Power Rifle Championships

CAMP ATTERBURY, In. – (ArmsVault.com) – The National Rifle Association is pleased to announce the sponsors for the 2019 National High Power Rifle Championships, scheduled for August 5-23, 2019, at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. This year’s sponsors include Benchmade, Berger, Champion’s Choice, Cordova, EyePal, Geissele Automatics, Krieger Barrels, Lapua, Mossberg, Nine Line Apparel, Present Arms, Ruger, Satern/Liberty Barrels, Vihtavuori, and White Oak Arms.

“The NRA National High Power Rifle Championships are a celebration of America’s longstanding devotion to the shooting sports,” said Joseph P. DeBergalis Jr., executive director of NRA General Operations. “We thank each and every one of our sponsors for their steadfast support as our country’s top competitive riflemen and women prepare to test their skills at the Atterbury Shooting Complex.”

2019 National High Power Rifle Championships

The 2019 NRA National High Power Rifle Championships builds upon a century of shooting sports heritage and traditions, and returns the pageantry and excitement of this legendary competitive shooting match to Camp Atterbury, Indiana for a third year.

The nation’s finest civilian and military marksmen will convene on some of Atterbury’s 60 ranges for nearly 20 days of high power rifle competition in a variety of formats. This year’s National Matches at Camp Atterbury will include the National High Power Championships, National Mid-Range Championships, National Long Range Championships, and the NRA Extreme Long Range Championship. Like last year there will also be an opportunity to break the ELR Central world record during the extreme long range event.

For more information about the 2019 National High Power Rifle Championships, including registration, calendar of events, official program, and links to our sponsors, visit the official website by clicking here. With the 1st Shot Ceremony less than a week away, time is running out to get registered so sign up today.

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