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Shooting Industry Presents First-Ever Woman’s Issue

( – Shooting Industry’s debut Woman’s Issue boasts an expansive collection of practical ways for dealers to empower, educate, equip and expand sales to women. More than 20 dealers share powerful accounts of how their stores have successfully cultivated sales in this emerging segment. Additionally, prominent female competition shooters and marketing professionals from within the industry lend their “insider” perspectives to further enrich the May issue.

Shooting Industry Womans Issue
Shooting Industry Woman’s Issue

In the issue’s 3-Part “Marketing To Women” feature, dealers will glean insights on how to connect with women interested in self-defense, hunting and competition shooting disciplines. Fear of the unknown is a common hurdle facing new customers, but Shooter’s World Co-Owner and CFO Lisa Roux shares her store’s success in establishing regular visitors.

“One of our primary objectives here is to help women feel empowered and know they can protect and take care of themselves,” Roux said. “We help them overcome the obstacles to training by showing it’s far less intimidating than they originally came in here thinking it is.”

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Kathy Lundberg, Sherri Johnson and JoAnna Wilson, are proud of the role they fill as mentor to women who are new to firearm ownership and training. As business owners, certified instructors and competitive shooters, their knowledge is earning the trust and business of not only new female shooters, but their communities as well. In Deb Ferns’ “Mentor … Are You One?” Lundberg notes, “When we educate women in the community, we educate the whole family. The number of referrals we get from one class to another verifies women are eager to share knowledge.”

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More woman-owned gun stores are in business today than ever before, and in some cases the foundations on which they are built stem from a harrowing personal experience. Refusing to be victims and turning their fear into power, the owners of Bullet & Barrel (Huntsville, Ala.), Femme Fatale Arms & Training (Palm Bay, Fla.) and Bear Arms (Mequon, Wis.) are working to help other women learn to confidently protect themselves (and have a little fun, too) as detailed in “Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands.”

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Other highlights inside the landmark Woman’s Issue examine how to make your store more appealing to women in “5 Simple Tips” and Southwick Associates’ Nancy Bacon shares compelling data in “The Changing Landscape Of The Shooting Sports” to illustrate the meteoric rise of women’s involvement in the recreational shooting and hunting communities.

In the Arms & The Woman column, readers will learn about the benefits of adding women to their team and why it’s a fresh approach worth considering. Everyday Marketing’s Q&A with industry leaders reveals successful marketing often lies in seeking a woman’s input, creating an “experience” in advertising and perhaps most important, understanding not all women are the same. Selling self-defense gear to women is the focus of this month’s Personal Defense Market installment.

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