Vara Safety NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits

Vara Safety

Meet the Reach at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, the Firearms Safe that Looks Like No Other!

Vara Safety set to introduceSecond Amendment advocates to the only firearms safe that addresses both safety and accessibility.

Latham, N.Y. – ( – Vara Safety will be bringing their innovative biometric firearms safe direct to their customers at the 148th Annual NRA Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 26-28, 2019. Vara Safety will be displaying Reach at booth 1506 in the Indiana Convention Center.

Vara Safety NRA

Reach is the first firearms safe that addresses two of the most important concerns for home protection: safety and accessibility. While keeping firearms and ammunition under lock and key is the norm for most firearms owners, the question of how to have instant accessibility to a firearm when a situation occurs that threatens the lives and property of the home (and business) owner had gone unanswered. At the same time, there is the concern that curious children, teenagers, or other unauthorized individuals could have access to a loaded firearm with potentially fatal repercussions. Reach is the culmination of years of end-user and technology research and testing.

Vara Safety, the company behind Reach, is set to start shipping in early summer of 2019 and has just completed a survey, growing the initial firearm model inserts from four (GLOCK®, Smith & Wesson® M&P Shield®, Springfield Armory® XD-S Mod.2®and 1911 models) to more.

Timmy Oh, founder of Vara Safety and lead designer behind Reach, actively participates in customer conversations on social media, through the website and from Demo Days. “From day one, I knew that it was important to keep the customer in the forefront and we adapt to our market needs based upon that feedback. Besides asking what our public wants in handgun model inserts, we also wanted to know where they would like to access their Reach. From this conversation, we are now developing a platform for vehicles. At Vara Safety, we take our customers seriously and look forward to having plenty of feedback at the biggest consumer firearms show in the country, the annual NRA show.”

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About Vara Safety:

Incorporated in August 2017 and located in upper New York State, Vara Safety is a company dedicated to bringing the latest biometric technology to firearms safety. The first product is Reach, a patented biometric handgun safe that allows the user to simultaneously unlock the firearm using a fingerprint reader while drawing the handgun in ready and safe position, will be available to consumers in the summer of 2019.