Hodgdon Becomes Alliant Powder Distributor


Hodgdon® Announces Alliant Powder Distribution Agreement

(ArmsVault.com) – Hodgdon, The Brand That’s True®, is pleased to announce we will be a Distributor of Alliant Powder for 2019.

Hodgdon currently distributes smokeless powders under the Hodgdon, IMR® and Winchester® Smokeless Propellant brand names. Hodgdon Powder Company also owns and distributes the GOEX® black powder brand. For 2019, Hodgdon has added Alliant Powder® to the list of smokeless powders and will be distributing this powder to customers. 

Alliant Powder

“Powder distribution is our core competency,” said Chris Hodgdon, public and media relations manager. “In the past, we have distributed both VihtaVuori powders, as well as Alliant, so this is a natural fit for us to offer to our customers.”

Hodgdon Powder Company does not sell direct to consumers but Alliant is immediately for sale for sporting trade customers.

About Hodgdon Powder Company, Inc.

Established in 1947 by Bruce and Amy Hodgdon, today, sons J.B. and Bob have grown Hodgdon Powder Company into the largest US supplier of smokeless, blackpowder and blackpowder substitute propellants. The company distributes gunpowder under the Hodgdon®, IMR®, Winchester®, Pyrodex®, Triple Seven® and Goex® brands.

Learn more about the brands at these websites – www.Hodgdon.comwww.IMRPowder.comwww.WWPowder.com or www.GoexPowder.com and connect with the Hodgdon brand on Facebook or YouTube.