Firefield AR Cleaning Kits


Firefield AR Cleaning Kits: Everything shooters need for a spotless rifle

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – ( – Firefield AR Cleaning Kits (FF38000) come with all the products needed to keep your AR in top-notch shape, leaving you with no excuse for a dirty firearm. These multi-AR caliber cleaning kits are ideal for rifles chambered in .223 and .308.

Firefield AR Cleaning Kits - FF38000
Firefield AR Cleaning Kit (FF38000)

Accessories include a chamber cleaning brush with rods and handle for a complete deep clean of the star chamber and a 33” cable with bore cleaning brushes for easy and simple bore cleaning. An included lubrication applicator allows you to keep your favorite gun lube stored in your kit for on-the-go cleaning.  The AR Cleaning Kit also provides an extra brush for cleaning additional fiream surfaces. Able to be stored easily in a rifle or range bag, a carrying case provides easy storage for all of the cleaning components.

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