GLOCK 19 Gen5 Featured in GUNS Magazine

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Perfecting Perfection: GLOCK 19 Gen5 Shines In May’s GUNS Magazine

( – The GLOCK 19 Gen5 lives up to its billing as an accurate, reliable and comfortable addition to the concealed carry category inside the May issue of GUNS Magazine. Contributing Editor (and long-time GLOCK aficionado) Massad Ayoob highlights the enhancements made to this newest generation of GLOCKs and how shooters will benefit from them.

While the most visible change in the Gen5 gun is the straight front grip, a look “under the hood” reveals vast improvements to trigger pull (which Mas thinks is GLOCK’s best self-defense trigger to date), accuracy and reliability. Run through the standard paces, with five different loads, the GLOCK 19 Gen5 test gun had an impressive average group of 1.2 inches at 25 yards.

GLOCK 19 Gen5 Featured in GUNS Magazine

“I’ve been shooting GLOCKs since they hit American shores, and carrying and competing with them regularly for more than a quarter century … this Gen5 G19 has become my new favorite GLOCK 9mm,” Ayoob declares.

Minimalist varminting options just keep getting better, and the CZ 527 Varmint Model in .17 Hornet offers plenty of sting for low-cost pest eradication. M.L. McPherson echoes the CZ 527’s description as a mini-Mauser, and adds light, smooth-working, strong, durable, dependable, accurate and handy to its list of traits.

McPherson offers, “The .17 Hornet delivers performance all out of proportion to the tiny case size and modest charge required … it’s the best rifle now offered by any mainstream manufacturer in a minimalist chambering.”

Readers will have their chance to get the whole family excited about the shooting sports thanks to May’s firearms package giveaway — featuring a 4-pack of shotguns from Midland Arms. Each of the guns has forged steel receivers, interchangeable barrels and fold in half for easy transport. The pack consists of two 12-ga., one 20-ga. and a .410 model. Additionally, the lucky winner will receive a Midland Knife from Midland Arms, Custom Target Retrieval System from Super Target Systems and a 5-Pack of Firearm Oil & Grease In One from Hurley’s Gold. The total package value is $1,719.96. Readers are invited to enter the drawing for free by visiting

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Learn more about “The Right Arm Of The Free World” in this month’s exclusive Online Feature. The May issue of GUNS is on newsstands now with a digital version available for purchase online at