Firearm Manufacturing Compliance at 2018 SHOT Show

Firearm Manufacturing Compliance

January 25 at the 2018 SHOT Show

Orchid Advisors’ Jon Rydberg and Phil Milks will be delivering an ATF compliance technology session for firearm and component manufacturing FFLs. Mr. Milks is a licensed attorney and Mr. Rydberg is the country’s foremost expert in firearm manufacturing compliance and firearm business software. Together, they and their firm have touched over 65,000,000 firearm transactions and growing!

In 60 minutes, the team will discuss the relationship between your manufacturing ERP software and those ATF laws and regulations that impact firearm serial number application, scanning, tracking, electronic bound books, and electronic ATF forms. If you aren’t yet registered, please visit NSSF’s SHOT Show site by following the link below.

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About The Session

Integrated Operations and Compliance in the Small to Mid-Sized Manufacturing Sector:

Integration of man and machine used to be the province of big business. Not anymore.

Today’s technology now makes it beneficial for the small and mid-sized manufacturer to streamline and integrate their interfacing processes. This special session will work to reveal the foundational regulatory concepts in firearms component and finished goods manufacturing, select and leverage enterprise resource planning (ERP) to modernize operations and take control of serialized inventory management while also broadening supply chains with ATF variances and import/export licensing, and understanding and complying with ATF inspections. A special discussion on tapping into today’s trending NFA and suppressor markets will also take place.

Time and Location: Thursday, January 25 | 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM | Lando 4301A