Adams Arms Introduces P-Series Lineup

Adams Arms

Adams Arms Introduces All New P-Series Lineup

( – Adams Arms is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Not resting on past accomplishments, Adams is unveiling an entire new product lineup, the P-Series. The all-new lineup will feature 3 signature models that fit the needs of any and all firearm enthusiasts while committing to the company’s original value propositions of innovation, precision, and performance. “I am excited about the introduction of the P-Series” Says Paul Miller, Chairman of Adams Arms. “It provides a range of solutions for the new shooter to the elite competitor, from the home defender to military/law enforcement professional. All provide superior piston-driven performance.”  All P-Series rifles are available in 5.56NATO/.223Rem and 7.62NATO/.308Win.  The 7.62/.308 rifle utilizes Adams’ exclusive small frame platform that retains 50% commonality with AR-15 parts, results in a lightweight firearm and accommodates most AR-15 accessories. P-Series rifles will also be available in .300BLK in various lengths.

P1: The Adams Arms P1 is the introductory model to the P-Series. The P1 is perfect for any and all AR enthusiasts looking for a self-cleaning, piston driven rifle that provides superior performance. Available in 16”

P2: The Adams Arms P2 model is the tactical, battle-ready model in the P-Series lineup. This model features ambidextrous charging controls, flip up sights, as well as an all-new rail. The P2 is your off-the-shelf, tactical model that is configurable for any type of shooter. Available in 7.5”, 11.5”, 14.5”, and 16”

P3: The Adams Arms P3 is the performance, match-grade model in the P-Series lineup. This premium rifle is manufactured and ready to compete with any other long range, precision AR on the market. Available in 14.5”, 16”, 16.5”, and 18”

*All models available in 5.56 and .308; Lengths available vary by caliber.

The P-Series is scheduled to ship late July and be available early August 2017. The P-Series Lineup can be found at the following locations:

  • Bill Hicks
  • Sports South
  • MidwayUSA
  • Brownells
  • Western Sport
  • Cheaper Than Dirt
  • Bud’s Gun Shop
  • Hicks Inc.
  • TRIGGRCON presented by Rainier Arms
  • Tactical Sh*t
  • Valhalla Tactical
  • Farris Brothers
  • NBS
  • Worldwide
  • Sports Inc.
  • Chattanooga Shooting Supplies