American Handgunner Concealed Carry Special Edition Now Available

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American Handgunner’s New Concealed Carry Special Edition Available Now

( – More than simply selecting the right gun and the right rig in which to carry it, concealed carry is a state of mind. The 180-pages of this summer’s American Handgunner Concealed Carry Special Edition address the ever-present dialogue surrounding this lifestyle. As Managing Editor Payton Miller suggests, “There are almost as many methods of carrying a handgun as there are types of handguns. And that’s just part of the equation.” In an amply packed issue, this FMG Special Edition provides contemporary insight to the growing trend in personal defense and its array of options.

American Handgunner Concealed Carry Special Edition

In the cover feature, “Stunt Double,” Will Dabbs, MD, chronicles the DIY 12-gauge double-barreled handgun pushing the power factor to new heights. In homage to the sidearm Max Rockatansky carried in post-apocalyptic hits Max Max and Road Warrior, Will details the metamorphosis his Russian Baikal Bounty Hunter Coach Gun took to become an imposing handheld howitzer. He shares, “Huge, cumbersome and heavy, a cut-down 12-gauge handgun might not be the first smoke pole you grab when the dog won’t shut up at 3 o’clock in the morning. However, there are some practical applications at which my homebuilt Frankengun excels. I carried it once to a church-sponsored dove shoot and was the hit of the party.”

Being prepared means being ready to respond to a threat at any time, anywhere: Tiger McKee offers sound advice on defending your castle in “Home Carry Or Hideaway Hardware?” Concealed carry, however, only offers as much protection as the user possesses. In “Practice Like A Pro,” Dave Anderson suggests working on weaknesses as well as reinforcing strengths. In “Heavy Metal Meets Casual Carry,” Will Dabbs, MD, makes a decent argument for packing full size service pistols in consideration of “light garment” concealment practicalities.

When it comes to handgun selection, history shows private citizens often choose what local law enforcement holster on duty. “In the 1980s we saw a marked rise in the popularity of semi-autos among the armed citizenry in general, and it was no coincidence it marched in lockstep with law enforcement’s sea change from the service revolver to the service pistol. Savvy observers in both the business and gun worlds stated flatly the huge popularity of the GLOCK pistol was largely fueled by high-profile police adoption,” attests Massad Ayoob in “The Blue Factor.”

Complementing the concealed carry theme, other highlights include tips on “What To Know Before You Go” if a handgun class is on the horizon, packing a range bag with proper gear and a guide to selecting a suitable everyday carry knife: the “other” half of the daily carry equation by resident knife expert, Pat Covert.

This Concealed Carry Special Edition issue has an added bonus: the Special Edition 2017 Buyer’s Guide. This 96-page catalog of currently available handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, lights, lasers and holsters is an incomparable resource to have in hand when choosing your next, or first, personal defense tool.

Readers are invited to enter the free drawing for a hefty prize package including a Taurus ultra-lightweight .38 snubbie (Model 85SS2ULFS), Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB/Cloak Mag Carrier, Lee Precision Deluxe Challenger Press Kit, Bigfoot leather gun belt, CRKT Strafe tactical fixed blade knife and copy of Roger Eckstein’s Shooter’s Bible Guide To Knives. All tallied, the winner will score $907.98 worth of premium goods. For online entry, visit

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