SIG SP2022 in GUNS Magazine

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SIG’s SP2022 Featured In June’s GUNS Magazine
May Be All The 9 Ever Needed

( – On the whole, the SP2022 in 9mm represents a notable player among the current striker-fired DAO autos all the rage today. Though technically a “compact” pistol by measurement and weight, there’s more than enough gun packed into its design to tame any ammo offering out there.

Executive Editor Payton Miller found the SP2022 comfortable, reliable and accurate: ideal for duty carry or personal protection, saying, “The SP2022 was very comfortable to shoot — recoil, even with the more energetic stuff, was negligible.” Regarding ammo, he added, “The best 25-yard groups came with CCI Blazer Brass 115-grain FMJ and, not surprisingly, the ‘house brand’ — SIG’s Elite V-Crown 124-grain JHP.”

SIG SP2022 in GUNS Magazine

If a reader can digest John Barsness’ take on the success of particular rifle cartridges without wanting a cheeseburger by the end, their fortitude deserves applause. In “Rifle Cartridge Roulette,” John details the many triumphs, and a few failures, of various cartridges introduced over the years, and reveals clues to discovering why some win and some lose.

“Why do some new rifle cartridges immediately start selling like cheeseburgers, while others become the shooting equivalent of liver and onions? Cartridge designers keep trying to reinvent the cheeseburger. And cheeseburgers are good,” he muses.

GUNS has more of course: June’s “Shotgunner” column gives a nod of appreciation to the Italian-designed Affinity Catalyst, a women’s 12-gauge from Franchi. Readers may find themselves equally perplexed, but in shared company, with Mike “Duke” Venturino as he details the bureaucratic paperwork trail required — or not — for pre-1898 firearms in “Montana Musings.”

The GLOCK 41 Gen4 leads the pack in this month’s GUNS package giveaway. The G41 .45 ACP has been designed to maximize sight radius — while improving weight distribution and balance. It’s a first choice for competition, hunting or duty use. An AmeriGlo Bold sight set, a Guide’s Choice chest holster and mag pouch from Diamond D Custom Leather, 200 rounds of DoubleTap Bonded Defense JHP ammo and a Crooked River folder from Benchmade Knife Company round out the impressive package valued at $1,420.80. Entry is free and can be completed online by visiting

An added bonus to print issues, the Online Feature this month presents “No Man’s Land Is Ours.” Jeff John recounts the battlefield domination British scout/snipers armed with Rifle No. 4(T) maintained during WWII. GUNS’ June issue is on newsstands now with a digital version available for purchase online at