Nightforce Precision Tactical 2 Rifle Match Results


Nightforce Optics congratulates winners of inaugural Nightforce Precision Tactical 2 Rifle Match

( – This past weekend concluded the 2016 Nightforce Precision Tactical 2 Rifle Match. The match was a success for unveiling and proofing a new match format, one where competitors fire both carbines and precision rifles on the same stages. This was a field match, held across the Coal Canyon area of the NRA Whittington Center.  Targets and shooting positions were placed across the natural terrain instead of on a traditional square range.

Nightforce Precision Tactical 2 Rifle Match

Competitors fired over 200 rounds of carbine and up to 100 rounds of precision rifle across the 10 stages. Carbine targets ranged from as close as 3 yards to as far as 400 yards. Precision rifle targets ranged between 300 and 890 yards. At the start of each stage, all competitors had to carry their gear and configure their rifles and shooting positions on the clock.

Nightforce Precision Tactical 2 Rifle Match

Congratulations to the following shooters on their Top 5 finish:

Collin Fossen – 1st

Tyler Payne – 2nd

Brad Riley – 3rd

Reid Driscoll – 4th

Matt Sweeney – 5th

Full results for the event can be found here:

An image gallery has been setup here:

Look for an episode about the match next season on Shooting Gallery with Michael Bane on the Outdoor Channel.  For those interested in participating in this match next year, mark your calendar for July 7/8, 2017!