Springfield XD-S 45, Kahr P45 and GLOCK 30 Gen4

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FMG Online Exclusives: Three Non-1911 .45s

(ArmsVault.com) – On gunsmagazine.com, FMG Online Editor Mark Kakkuri says he loves 9s and 1911s. But he’s looking for something different. So he turns his attention to non-1911 .45 ACP guns.

In the online article “Three 45s And A Double Tap,” Kakkuri reviews the Springfield XD-S 45, Kahr P45 and the GLOCK 30 Gen4. He describes the three as .45s with the same mission but with three different ways of getting there. He provides practical, hands-on insights about the handguns that you can’t get by reading the manufacturers’ website.

Springfield XD-S 45_Kahr P45_GLOCK 30 Gen4_FMG

In another exclusive, “Photos of the Vortex Diamondback Binocular 10×42” on gunsmagazine.com, Kakkuri lists the binocular’s full specs, includes pictures and raves about the spectacular view when using the Vortex. “Look with both eyes and see farther, clearer,” he says.

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