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FMG’s Online Exclusive Explores Concealed Carry Options

( – FMG Publications online editor Mark Kakkuri’s mission to reveal the most effective concealed carry options has uncovered a pair of gems in recent reviews of Andy Langlois and DeSantis products.

Andy Langlois’ Yaqui concealed carry holster, might prove to be “the right rig” for 1911 lovers.

Andy Langlois Holster

“If the 1911 was meant for any holster, it’s got to be the Yaqui,” writes Kakkuri. “A basic leather belt slide, the Yaqui epitomizes simplicity and functionality, holding a 1911 at a slight forward cant and helping it to disappear under a single covering garment — as long as the garment is long enough to hide the 1911’s muzzle.”

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In another online exclusive for, Kakkuri tests the DeSantis Die Hard Ankle Rig with SIG SAUER’s P238 pistol.

“An ankle holster better hold a gun safely and securely all day, and then yield it without fuss and bother right when you need it,” writes Kakkuri. “Die Hard accomplishes all this with excellence. The hook and loop band fastens around your leg and doesn’t let go — not after a full a day of walking and even running. And stitched to it is a top grain leather holster carrying, in this instance, a SIG SAUER P238. The holster can only be described as robust, solid, hand-molded, and a perfect fit — what you’d expect from DeSantis. An easy-to-manipulate thumb break holds the P238 firmly and clicks off with a natural movement of your thumb.”

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