Fobus Evolution Paddle Holster for Glock 43 – First Look

Fobus Evolution Paddle Holster for Glock 43

As part of our ongoing testing of the Glock 43 pistol, we are working to get in a few holsters to test with this new single-stack. A few weeks ago Fobus introduced the GL43ND Evolution Paddle Holster for the Glock 43, and we are lucky enough to have received one for testing.

As of now I’ve only had this holster for a few days, so this post really only serves as a first look. That being said, I’m already getting a good feel for what my thoughts will be on this paddle holster.

I’ve said it many times, but I should reiterate that I’m a firm believer in having several different options when it comes to carrying a firearm. Depending on what I’m doing, what the weather is, what I’m wearing, and an infinite amount of other factors, different holsters appeal to me at different times. But, the GL43ND is one of those holsters that fits perfectly into my “all-purpose” category. The retention is controllable, it is lightweight, reasonably comfortable, concealable with an untucked shirt, and I can put it on or take it off in seconds.

The GL43ND features Fobus’ passive retention design with adjustment screw that gives the user easy and rapid one handed deployment and reholstering. According to the holster’s instructions, the user must “snap” the gun rapidly out of the holster using as straight a draw as possible, in line with the holster cant. A slow steady draw will not work. This is designed to eliminate the possibility of others drawing your gun while you are wearing it. Again, according to the instructions this does require a little practice to master. I can tell you from experience that practice is required. When the holster first arrived I found that the retention was simply too tight, especially while I was wearing soccer-style (lightweight) shorts. Every time I tried to draw, not only would the Glock not come out, I also ended up with my shorts half way up my chest. But, this was quickly fixed by adjusting the retention screw at the back of the holster.

With regard to comfort, I haven’t worn the GL43ND for more than a few hours at a time. But in that short time-frame I can easily forget I’m even wearing the holster. Fobus does offer a Rubber Paddle Insert, which I’m sure makes the holster even more comfortable. If I can get one in I’ll report back on it.

In my mind, the only unanswered question I have about the Fobus Evolution Paddle Holster for the Glock 43 is durability. I do tend to take this holster on and off a lot, as well as throw it in my car’s glove compartment a few times throughout the day. After a few months of this, I’ll have a better idea of how durable the holster is.

Fobus Evolution Paddle Holster for Glock 43:

  • Product ID: GL43ND
  • Weight: 2.19oz
  • Retention adjustment screw allows user to select presentation with security of retention
  • One piece holster body construction
  • Rubberized paddle insert for comfort and stability
  • Steel reinforced rivet attachment system (paddle and holster body)
  • Protective sight channel

You’ll be seeing a lot more of the Glock 43 and Fobus GL43ND on the ArmsVault site. After I get in some more time with this holster, I’ll be sure to follow-up on durability and any other thoughts that come to mind on the Glock 43 / Fobus GL43ND combination.

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