Heather Fitzhugh Wins With Grand Power X-Calibur

Eagle Imports Shooter, Heather Fitzhugh, Takes 2nd High Lady at Tarheel 3-Gun Monthly Match Using Grand Power X-Calibur

Fitzhugh also placed 15th out of 89 in the Practical Division at the Bushmaster Tarheel 3-Gun Monthly Match.

Wanamassa, N.J. (May 2015) – (ArmsVault.com) – Eagle Imports, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Metro Arms, SPS, Bersa, Comanche and Grand Power firearms products, is pleased to announce that Heather Fitzhugh, its sponsored pro shooter, took 2nd High Lady and placed 15th out of 89 in the Practical Division at the Bushmaster Tarheel 3-Gun Monthly Match that took place on May 2nd at Woody’s Hunt and Rifle Club in New Hill, NC. To see the full results, visit here.

Heather Fitzhugh Shooting Grand Power X-Calibur
Heather Fitzhugh Shooting Grand Power X-Calibur (Photo courtesy of Snippets of Life Photography Paul

“This was the first time that I have run the Grand Power X-Calibur at a match and I have to say… I’m in love.  The gun runs phenomenally!  I do not have a magwell on it or base pads for competition yet; I ran it stock, exactly the way it arrives in the box.  I also ran it dirty since I’ve run 800 rounds through it and have yet to clean it. It ran beautifully; I was impressed. The rotating barrel really helps with recoil management and tracking from target to target.  I can’t wait to run the X-Calibur at the next USPSA match; it is going to blow the other pistols out of the water,” said Fitzhugh.

Grand Power X-Calibur
Grand Power X-Calibur

The Grand Power X-Calibur was designed to be competition ready right out of the box. It boasts innovative features like a rotating barrel that never tilts up and never leaves the target, making for lighter recoil and better second shot accuracy. It also has a match grade trigger, adjustable sights, modular replaceable back straps, a scalloped slide that reduces weight and a CNC machined steel chassis that provides maximum durability.

“We knew Heather would do great using the X-Calibur in the match. The truth is it’s hard not to perform well when you use this gun; I highly recommend it,” commented Michael Sodini, president of Eagle Imports.

Watch Heather compete at the Bushmaster Tarheel 3-Gun Monthly Match on Instagram. To keep up-to-date with Heather’s 3-Gun career, follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/heatherfitzhugh3gun.

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About Eagle Imports:

Founded in 1988, Eagle Imports is proud of its history and tradition of being an exclusive firearms distributor in the United States. Eagle is committed to fulfilling Bersa, SPS, Metro Arms, Comanche and Grand Power’s mission in the USA and for providing the ultimate after-sale experience for all of their products.  www.eagleimportsinc.com

About Heather Fitzhugh:

Fitzhugh is originally from rural South Texas and is a rising star in the competition shooting circuit. She primarily shoots 3-Gun, but is also a top level athlete in USPSA and IDPA. Her passion for firearms and competition has led to her rapid progression through the shooting sports.