Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Systems

I realize that a lot of you enjoy the time you spend cleaning firearms. But for those of you like me, gun cleaning is more of a chore than a source of enjoyment. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in keeping my firearms clean. I just don’t like doing it.

For those of you that are looking for a way to save time with gun cleaning, allow me to introduce you to our friends at Guncleaners Ultrasonic Firearm Cleaning Systems. They offer a range of ultrasonic gun cleaning systems for home use, as well as heavy duty industrial use.

Below is an overview of one of their Home Use Systems:

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Systems - Model HG1875
Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Systems – Model HG1875

HG1875 Heated Ultrasonic Handgun/SMG System

The powerful new HG1875 Ultrasonically cleans and lubricates simultaneously with limited log gun ability intended for the serious shooter and armorer. Now you can have all the power, depth, heat and the excellent detergents of a commercial system at a reasonable price!

  • Fast, (approximate 10 min.) clean/lube cycle!
  • Comes with 1 gallon cleaning concentrate, 2 gallons lubricant (enough for approximately 500 gun cleanings)
  • 2 stainless steel baskets 19″ X 4.5″ X 5.5″ deep
  • 1 lube pan 19″ X 5.5″ X 6″
  • 2 covers, and detailed instructions.
  • This system will also clean empty pistol and rifle cases, and clean and lubricate dies!
  • Capacity: Cleans up to 4 full size pistols or 1SMG or long gun parts up to 34″ long by placing in the basket diagonally then turning around to do overlapping half’s of parts longer than 19″.
  • Power supply: 120V with detachable cord
  • Ultrasonic power: 480W (average)
  • Heater: 500W
  • Frequency: 40 KHz with 8 industrial stack transducers
  • Internal tank size: 19.5″ L X 11.5″ W 6″ H
  • Capacity 5.7 Gal.
  • Time set: 1-20 min. plus constant on
  • Temp: Set 20-80C (you clean at 50-55C);
  • Approvals: UL, CE, FC;
  • Warranty: 1 year limited parts/labor.

For more information, visit Guncleaners Ultrasonic Firearm Cleaning Systems.