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Feb 13

Sig Sauer 300BLK SBR Elite Copper Duty Ammunition for Short Barrel Rifles

SIG SAUER introduces its newest 300BLK ammunition, the 120gr supersonic 300BLK SBR Elite Copper Duty load, specifically designed for short barrel rifles.

Feb 11

Savage 110 Scout in GUNS Magazine

The new issue of GUNS magazine takes a look at the the new Savage 110 Scout rifle, which features Savage Arms’ AccuFit stock system.

Feb 06

Mec-Gar Sig Sauer P226 X5 Magazine

The Mec-Gar Sig Sauer P226 X5 Magazine features an anti-friction coating, aluminum basepad with a front grip and numbered witness holes for remaining-round calculation.

Jan 31

Pachmayr Gripper Slip-on Grip

The Pachmayr Gripper Slip-on Grip fits a large variety of popular medium to full-size pistols, including pistols with or without finger grooves.

Jan 26

Sig MPX Copperhead

A look at the new Sig MPX Copperhead. The the ultra-compact MPX Copperhead comes equipped with the new Sig Sauer Pivoting Contour Brace (PCB) giving pistol users a brace that easily adapts to the movement of the shooter’s arm with a patented swivel operation for perfect placement, and can be rapidly deployed.

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