Nov 02

ArachniGRIP Offers Gunfighter Series Adhesive Grip Sets

Arachni Grip

ArachniGRIP Offers Gunfighter Series Adhesive Grip Sets

(Parker, CO) – (ArmsVault.com) – ArachniGRIP, creator and manufacturer of the innovative Slide Spider adhesive slide grip, is proud to offer the Gunfighter Series Adhesive Grip Sets for full frame Glock pistols.

ArachniGRIP Gunfighter Series Adhesive Grip Sets

The original Slide Spider, by ArachniGRIP, is a patented one piece adhesive grip wrap applied to semi auto pistol slides. The grip is designed to enhance safety and control in the operation of the hand gun. In addition to our Slide Spider grip, the Gunfighter Series provides additional gripping surfaces that fit the forward areas of the slide, the frame flats forward of the ejection port, and the space under the trigger guard.

The additional gripping areas afford better safety and control by increasing the ability to charge the pistol, aid in disassembly, clear malfunctions, implement forward press checks and add grip hold reference points to increase accurate follow up shots. Another benefit of the Gunfighter Series is the ability to charge the firearm with a red dot sight by using the forward gripping area provided by the product.

Robert Biedenbach of ArachniGRIP explains the idea behind this new series: “The Gunfighter Series grip set was developed with feedback from tactical trainers, self-defense advocates, everyday carry folks and our faithful customers. We are proud to offer the advantage of added firearm safety and control to our customers with the Gunfighter Series.”

The Slide Spider grip products enable the shooter to gain increased control through a safe and secure hold. The products offer additional tactical advantages under challenging operating conditions, including extreme moisture and temperature. In addition, these products aid shooters with weak or weakened hand strength and those with medical conditions such as arthritis.

See more information on the Gunfighter Series here. MSRP is $29.95.

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About ArachniGRIP:

ArachniGRIP was founded by two lifelong firearms enthusiasts. We are located in Parker, Colorado, at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Our company believes that all shooters should have the advantages of proper equipment and training. Our products and instructional videos are designed to aid shooters in the safe, practical use and control of their firearms.