Jan 27

People of the Gun – Pro-2A Page for Gun Bloggers

People of the Gun for Gun Bloggers

We would like to thank our friends at Ammo.com for adding ArmsVault to their “People of the Gun” page! This is a page that was set up to showcase gun bloggers (and freedom-related bloggers) that share a passion for freedom and our Second Amendment rights!

Are you are a blogger that believes in and practices the constitutional and natural right to protect our families, ourselves, and our homes? If so,  maybe your gun blog could be listed on the People of the Gun page too!


If you aren’t yet familiar with Ammo.com, you should definitely check them out. In addition to offering a huge selection of discount ammo, they are also actively engaged in defending our Second Amendment rights. In fact, every time you place an ammo order with them, you get to choose a pro-2A organization that will get 1% of your purchase, all at no cost to you. Choose from organizations like the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of American, Homes For Our Troops, and several others. Check out the Ammo.com Freedom Fighter list to decide which charity will get your support!

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