Bullet Terminology


A bullet is the projectile that is expelled from a firearm (the “missile” only). The term is often incorrectly applied to a cartridge. A cartridge is a complete unit of assembled ammunition, including the casepropellant powderprimer, and bullet.

Standard Projectile Types:

  • G1: also known as Ingalls, G1 projectiles are flatbase with 2 caliber nose ogive and are the most common.
  • G2: Aberdeen J projectiles
  • G5: short 7.5 degree boat-tails, with 6.19 caliber long tangent ogive
  • G6: flatbase projectiles with a 6 cailber secant ogive
  • G7: long 7.5 degree boat-tails, with 10 caliber tangent ogive, and are very popular with manufacturers for extremely low-drag bullets.
  • G8: flatbase projectiles with a 10 caliber secant ogive
  • GL: blunt lead nose projectiles