McMillan to Co-Sponsor Mile-High Shootout

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks

McMillan® to Co-Sponsor Mile-High Shootout

Phoenix, AZ – ( – McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, the leader in precision-driven custom fiberglass stocks for competition, tactical, and hunting applications, is pleased to co-sponsor the upcoming High-Country Precision’s Mile-High Shootout. The match is part of the 2019 National Rifle League series and will be held at the Rio Ro Mo Ranch outside of Craig, Colorado.

McMillan Mile High Shootout

The event begins on Friday, July 12 with check-in and open targets out to 1,300 yards. The match will include a mix of long-range and positional shooting on natural terrain. A 200- to 250-round course of fire can be expected for the competition.

Saturday will be an all-day match. Sunday, the competition shooting will conclude mid-day, followed by an awards ceremony after lunch. Due to the dry climate and elevation, water will be provided at each shooting stage.

The High-Country Precision’s Mile-High Shootout is the 12th match in the 2019 NRL series. McMillan® is pleased to support the National Rifle League and the match co-sponsors in the goal of expanding the sport of long-range shooting. Events such as these are important to help bring new shooters into the long-range shooting sport and are activities that are enjoyed by the entire family.

For more information about this and upcoming NRL events, visit the National Rifle League website.

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