KET Brass Catcher Alternative (Brass-Clip & Brass-Deflector)

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KET Introduces a New Brass Catcher Alternative

SAN JOSE, Calif., – ( — KET, LLC today introduced the patent-pending Brass-Clip, and Brass-Deflector, a new alternative to the traditional brass catcher that is designed to provide military, law enforcement and performance-focused shooters with a lightweight and easy to attach alternative device for training session. The Brass-Clip and Brass-Deflector will be on display and available for order at TriggrCon 2019, 4th floor near the Food Court.

“We are excited to debut our new product line at TriggrCon,” said Mike Weiss, founder of KET, and former FFL. “We believe we’ve designed a product that solves for limitations that brass catchers have not been able to address.”

Jeff Cahill, owner of TangoDown, sampled both devices and said, “The clip and deflector are a nice simple design, and a quick inexpensive solution that allows me to spend more time shooting, less time collecting empty brass. Well done.”

Designed and produced in the U.S., both the Brass-Clip and Brass-Deflector have a no capacity maximum and are heat resistant. The set retails for $32.99 and are available by contacting


KET Brass-Clip
KET Brass-Clips


The Brass-Clip firearm accessory comes in two formats, designed to attach to scopes or Picatinny rails. Attachment is simple – just slip a hat or the Brass-Deflector onto this durable clip, and snap the clip onto your firearm – no mounts necessary. In addition to blocking spent ammo from fellow shooters, this solution drops brass casings nearby for quick collection.

  • Works with: All Scopes and Picatinny rails
  • Material: 900-series Acetal
  • Weight: ¼ oz. or less
  • Colors: Black, Coyote, Wolf Grey, Ranger Green, and Safety Orange
  • Origin: 100% made in the USA
KET Brass-Deflector
KET Brass-Deflector

Brass Deflector

The Brass-Deflector works with the Brass-Clip to complete your solution to stop spent ammunition. This unique design has been tested on some of the toughest firearms, and has even proven to stop shotgun shells with ease (check out the video if you haven’t yet). One of the most unique qualities of this light-weight firearm accessory is that it has no capacity maximum, since it is not actually catching the brass, but dropping it directly beneath or next to your firearm for easy cleanup. This innovative design blocks ejected brass without jamming or weighing down your firearm, or overheating – allowing for increased accuracy and safe shooting.

  • For use with: Brass-Clip
  • Material: 1000D Cordura
  • Weight: less than 1 oz.
  • Colors: Black, Coyote, Wolf Grey, Ranger Green, and Safety Orange
  • Origin: 100% made in the USA


Our business was initially built from a network of friends looking to solve common firearm accessory related annoyances. Our team shares a sense of commitment to creating products that are 100 percent made in USA, exceptionally engineered, and in support of creating a sense of community among performance-focused shooters. For more information, visit