Ruger 10/22 Competition Rifle In August GUNS Magazine

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A New Edge On A Classic: Ruger 10/22 Competition Rifle In August GUNS

( – It didn’t take long for the newly launched Ruger Custom Shop to set their sights on enhancing the renowned 10/22. The emerging 10/22 Custom Competition Rifle sets “a new edge for the bread-and-butter rimfire” and is featured in the August issue of GUNS Magazine.

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“There’s a dynamic to the new model,” notes Holt Bodinson of the Custom Shop’s 10/22 competition variant. “With its 16.12″ fluted and compensated barrel, an overall length of 36″ and a weight of 6 lbs., it feels lively in your hands. You could simply say it’s a ‘well-balanced package,’ but there is so much more.”

Holt ran 14 different loads through the test rifle at 50 yards with “eye opening” results: All of the 5-shot groups measured under an inch.

Mike “Duke” Venturino’s “Magnums? No Thanks!” may ruffle the feathers of devoted fans, but he contends he’s never truly needed them. From rifles to handguns in varying calibers and models, Duke’s verdict on the mighty magnum is supported by seven decades of experience. He lends, “It seems Americans are madly in love with magnums, both rifles and handguns. There are now handgun rounds that make .44 Magnums seem weak. My feeling about them is if you need a handgun this powerful, you’re in dire need of a rifle.”

This month’s Firearms Package Giveaway leads off with a Stoeger STR-9 Striker-Fired Pistol chambered in 9mm. The 4.17″ barrel makes it an ideal candidate for home defense and EDC. Features include a black-nitride finish, interchangeable backstraps and an internal trigger safety. August’s winner will also received Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector and Securefit Safety Eyewear from Peltor Sport, a COAST TX9R flashlight and a McBee Ti knife from Spyderco. Readers are invited to enter the free drawing online for the prize package valued at $925 by visiting

The August issue delivers even more — notably the message Massad Ayoob delivers in the Handguns column on the importance of using understudy (dummy) guns. Nearly identical to their real counterparts, the options range from dry-fire trainers to models that go “bang!” Self-proclaimed “lifelong student of the ‘Custer Battle’,” Mike “Duke” Venturino details the ammunition — and reproduction loads — used by both sides of the infamously bloody battle in Montana Musings. John Taffin retraces the head scratching steps it took to diagnose and resolve a series of perplexing pistol problems in this month’s Campfire Tales. And with a proclivity for nostalgia, Jeff “Tank” Hoover’s Think Tank installment recalls a dreary February night when he intercepted a nut can full of precious cargo: long-gone WWI-era ammo.

For even more GUNS Magazine content, access this month’s Online Exclusive, “Buzzgun Contemporaries — A Study Of Five WWII Submachine Guns In 9mm, .45 ACP and 7.62×25” by Mike “Duke” Venturino at Digital subscriptions and the August issue are available for purchase at