Desert Tech Releases Micro Dynamic Rifle

Desert Tech

Desert Tech MDR is Ready for Anything

( – The world’s most versatile rifle has arrived.  Desert Tech caught the world’s attention with proof-of-concept models of the MDR in 2014 and from then on Desert Tech’s engineers have been hard at work to ensure performance delivered matched performance promised.

Desert Tech MDR

Truly ambidextrous controls, an ability to change calibers, and full battle-rifle power in a compact, low-profile package make MDR the future of battle rifles. Previously, end-users had to choose between a full-power, but cumbersome rifle, or losing terminal ballistics in exchange for more compact and maneuverable platforms.  The MDR combines the strengths of both platforms in one rifle that handles the same, regardless of caliber.

Completely ambidextrous controls in familiar locations

At only 26.2″ in total length the MDR provides all the muzzle energy of a full-length barrel in a more compact package.  The bullpup design also shifts the balance of weight closer to the shooter to produce a rifle that is quick-pointing and easy to maneuver.  With the American shooter in mind, controls remain in familiar locations, greatly shortening the learning curve normally associated with bullpup rifles.

Since the original release of the MDR in 2017, Desert Tech has received feedback from the market and implemented several free upgrades for all MDR owners.  In 2019 the MDR’s gas piston system and extractor were refined to ensure maximum reliability across a wide variety of ammunition.  These upgrades include the 2019 6-position adjustable gas valve and a wider extractor claw that make the platform even more reliable and user friendly.  All upgrades are included with every new MDR that ship from the factory.  Desert Tech has already updated dealer inventory making all currently-available MDRs up-to-date.  The .308 WIN MDR also readily accepts and functions with all commonly available standard AR-10 / SR-25 magazines.

Caliber options currently include .223 Wylde and .308 WIN with .300BLK on the horizon.  All rifles ship with a 16″ barrel and the same 26.2″ overall length and recoil-absorbing 8.3lbs weight.

All Desert Tech-made products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects from first owner to last.

About Desert Tech:

Located in West Valley City, Utah, Desert Tech employs an amazing team of dedicated workers with strong values and ethics. We have a strong belief in the second amendment and strive to provide the best firearms, ammunition and training possible for military, law enforcement, and private gun owners. We are very passionate about the products we make and are extremely committed to being at the forefront in developing tomorrow’s weapons technologies.