Alien Gear Holsters Outside the Waistband Cloak Belt Holster

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Alien Gear Holsters Releases New Outside the Waistband Cloak Belt Holster

POST FALLS, ID – ( – Alien Gear Holsters has added an all-new, outside the waistband option to their award-winning Cloak series holsters, allowing you to carry more comfortably and concealed than ever before.

Alien Gear Cloak Belt Holster

Carrying outside the waistband for many is not always possible or practical. Between state laws and overly bulky options on the market, people seem to be steering clear from open carry as a viable option.

Alien Gear Holsters designed their new Cloak Belt Holster with absolute comfort and concealment in mind. The “alien-skin” base is reinforced with a patented steel core insert that assists in rigidity while re- holstering and fastens to your hip with minimal printing.

Alien Gear Holster’s lead Product Designer, Drew Stephens says, “We listened to our customers and designed this holster to cling tightly to the body, making concealment possible with just as little as an untucked shirt for complete cover.”

The improved holster shape gives you a fast and full firing grip, and the sweat shield keeps the slide and controls covered. Adjust your ride height with the assistance of your choice of 1.5” or 1.75” polymer belt loops that you can easily weave your gun belt through.

Like the rest of their popular Cloak series, the holster comes complete with a custom-molded shell, fully adjustable retention and free shell trades for life! The Cloak Belt Holster from Alien Gear Holsters is available now for $45.88 and is backed by their Forever Warranty and 30-Day Test Drive. Order yours today at

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