CZ 75B Compact 9mm Magazines by Mec-Gar

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Mec-Gar® USA Announces New
CZ 75B Compact 9mm Magazines

MIDDLETOWN, CONN. – ( – Mec-Gar® USA is proud to announce the addition of a 9mm 10 round CZ 75B magazine to their product line. The magazine consists of a full-size tube which is physically limited to a 10 round capacity. The design allows the follower and spring to be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

According to Mec-Gar USA National Sales Manager David Larson, “We do not agree with the laws in states limiting magazine capacity, however we want gun owners to be able to get magazines for their firearms.”

CZ 75B Compact 9mm Magazines by Mec-Gar
CZ 75B Compact 9mm Magazine by Mec-Gar

The magazines have the high quality and attention to detail expected of Mec-Gar magazines, with the following attributes:

  • Durable blued coating
  • Flush-fit design
  • Body manufactured from carbon steel & heat treated for strength
  • Spring manufactured from Type D music wire
  • Impact resistant polymer basepad
  • Numbered witness holes for remaining-round calculation

The magazines have a retail price of $31.10 and are now available.


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Mec-Gar® Srl is a privately held, family-run business located in Brescia, Italy. Since opening in 1965, the company has been proud of its fully in-house engineering, design and manufacturing process, positioning Mec-Gar Srl as an industry leader in quality and innovation. Mec-Gar® USA is owned and operated by the same family and functions as the sole U.S. importer and distributor for Mec-Gar Srl products in North America. To learn more, visit