Vara Safety Partners with Laura Burgess Marketing

Vara Safety

Vara Safety Partners with Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM)

Vara Safety signs LBM to grow awareness of Reach, a biometric handgun safe designed for immediate access with reliable security.

Latham, N.Y. (February 2019) – ( – Vara Safety, a young start-up combining biometric technology and precision manufacturing delivering real solutions to firearms accessibility and safety, has partnered with Laura Burgess Marketing to create awareness at the consumer level of the benefits provided by Reach.

The concept behind Reach, a biometric handgun “safe”, is the brainchild of Timothy Oh, a winner of the prestigious New York Business Plan Competition in 2016 that provided the seed money for his start-up company. Oh conducted research at the Los Angeles Police Department, where he discovered that even law enforcement officers face the challenge of choosing between immediate access or safe storage for their defensive handgun when they go home to their families. The problem was that locking up your handgun prevented immediate access in a potential emergency, especially under stress or in the dark. On the other hand, an unsecured handgun posed potential issues in regards to children or unauthorized individuals gaining access. With this in mind, Reach was designed enable both access and security without compromise. After creating dozens of prototypes and testing it with over 1,500 gun owners over several years of development, an effective firearm safe was created for enabling better home protection and safety.

“We are bringing to market a unique solution for gun owners that does not compromise on safety or access to a home protection handgun. LBM will provide the channels through which we can educate consumers on the many advantages of the Reach system,” Oh explained.


“To work with an innovative young company bringing a new level of technology to benefit firearms owners is an honor and pleasure,” Laura Burgess, president of LBM, added. “We look forward to driving content through our media partners to consumers and building a loyal following to Vara Safety products for the home, office and automobile.”

The first customer orders will ship in summer. Vara Safety will launch a pre-order campaign in mid-March through an email sign up on their website. Vara Safety is offering an exclusive $100 off the retail price of $299 a unit for signing up. The Reach Safe includes a Holster Insert (of the customer’s choice), charging mount, mounting hardware, charging cable, backup keys and user guide.

For more information on Vara Safety and their unique biometric firearms safe, Reach, visit, Facebook or Instagram.

About Vara Safety:

Incorporated in August 2017 and located in upper New York State, Vara Safety is a company dedicated to bringing the latest biometric technology to firearms safety. The first product is Reach, a patented biometric handgun safe that allows the user to simultaneously unlock the firearm using a fingerprint reader while drawing the handgun in ready and safe position, will be available to consumers in the summer of 2019.

About Laura Burgess Marketing:

Laura Burgess Marketing provides public relations and marketing communications to companies within the law enforcement, tactical, military, shooting sports and outdoor markets. Laura Burgess, an industry veteran, and staff have over 40 years of combined experience in PR, marketing, social media and content development. Laura Burgess Marketing’s current client list includes: Adaptive Tactical, Big Horn Armory, Cimarron Firearms Company, Copper Basin Gear, Crosstac, DNA Labs International, DoubleStar Corp., Go West Trading and American Reserve Munitions, Lyman Products, MasterPiece Arms Inc., Morphix Technologies, National Association of Police Equipment Distributors, Parabon NanoLabs, Shell Shock Technologies, Tasmanian Tiger USA and Vara Safety. Laura Burgess Marketing is headquartered in New Bern, North Carolina, with a satellite office in Maryland.