Savage 110 Scout in GUNS Magazine

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Savage Arms’ “Do-All” 110 Scout Thrives Inside GUNS April Issue

( – By Jeff Cooper’s original design, the Scout Rifle’s strength lies in its multi-purpose capabilities. As GUNS Magazine Executive Editor Payton Miller shares with readers inside the April issue’s cover story, the new Savage 110 Scout will “probably make even the most adamant purist happy.”

With an overall length under 1 meter, and weight fully loaded and scoped around 8.5 lbs., the operative word for the 110 Scout is “handy.” Savage Arms’ AccuFit stock system of snap-on stock spacers and cheekpieces allow the 110 to be tailored for a customized fit. In terms of accuracy, Payton’s test gun delivered three-shot groups between 1/2″ and 3/4″ at 100 yards with heavier loads from Federal and Black Hills. His verdict? “It’s a stylish, great-shooting rifle combining handiness with a distinctive look.”

Savage 110 Scout in GUNS Magazine
Savage 110 Scout in GUNS Magazine

In “A Done Deal Done Well,” Will Dabbs, MD, details the development and performance of SIG SAUER’s modular M17 — which now serves as the service pistol for the U.S. Armed Forces.

“A service pistol is a big deal. A soldier’s handgun is arguably his or her most intimate tool. Cool, suave, mean and sleek, the new SIG M17 has indeed earned its place in American military history,” he asserts.

Coated completely in black matte PVD, the striking True Black Widow mini-revolver from North American Arms crowns this month’s Gun Giveaway package. The compact .22 LR sports a heavy vent 2-inch barrel, oversized black rubber grips and adjustable sights. April’s winner will also receive a 119 Special from Buck Knives and a PD35 V2.0 Digital Camo flashlight from Fenix. Readers are invited to enter the free drawing — valued at $534 — by visiting

Also in April, Wayne van Zwoll explains why magnification has climbed steadily in both target and hunting scopes in the Optics column. He informs, “Hunting tactics have increasingly drifted from ‘jump-shooting’ to ‘sniping’ and manufacturers scope offerings reflect the shift.” In Montana Musings, Sweden’s 6.5 “sleeper” — the M1896 Mauser — awakens Mike “Duke” Venturino to its world-class accuracy 95 years after his find rolled off the assembly line. With an eye on spring,  “Five Fun Things To Do With A .22” offers a handful of ways to improve skills, hunt, compete and spend time with family courtesy of the popular caliber.

Hunting goes international with Mark Hampton’s “Handguns In Africa — Always An Adventure” — this month’s Online Exclusive. Log on to to discover even more. Digital subscriptions and the April issue are available for purchase at