1911 Mastery Course – 1911 Pistol Training

1911 Mastery Course - 1911 Pistol Training

New 1911 Mastery Course With Rob Leatham & Jason Burton

Everything you need to know about your 1911 – from function to firing.

Mesa, Arizona – (ArmsVault.com) – The 1911 Mastery Course is a 3-day experience designed to optimize each client’s proficiency and understanding of the 1911 platform, both on the range and in the workshop.

Rob Leatham and Jason Burton (of Heirloom Precision) – two of the industry’s most-respected and successful 1911 professionals – team up to present an in-depth educational experience all about the time-tested 1911 platform.

Leatham and Burton have been passionate about the 1911 pistol for as long as each can remember. Their coming together for the 1911 Mastery Course will be an event like none other.

The varied backgrounds of Rob and Jason will help you to better understand the iconic 1911 pistol – from the firing cycle to physically breaking down the 1911, piece by piece, in the classroom — to the application and execution of a variety of shooting techniques and non-traditional philosophies on the range. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

  • Dates: April 12th, 13th & 14th, 2019
  • Location: Casa Grande, AZ – Casa Grande Police Range
  • Cost: $800 per student
  • Approximate round count: 1500

1911 Mastery Course Details

  • Training Days 1 & 2:
    • Range Time – Begins at 0800, where the clients will be taken through a logical approach to performance shooting.
    • Classroom Time – Following the lunch break, we move to the classroom for a presentation covering the operational theory and functional details of the 1911 pistol. Topics covered in the classroom session will include:
      • Firing cycle of 1911
      • Complete disassembly of pistol and discussion of each part and their function
      • Common malfunctions, diagnosis, parts breakages, and what to look for
      • Understanding basic extractor tuning and geometry
      • Proper spring weights for various calibers and sizes
      • Safety checks
      • Functional differences between Government Model / Commander Model / O-ACP
      • Magazines – what works and why
      • Reassembly of pistol
      • Proper maintenance and lubrication
  • Training Day 3:
    • Range Time – Begins at 0800. This full day of shooting will allow the clients to apply and further advance the techniques covered on day 1 & 2 via various target arrays and shooting challenges.

This class is something that Rob and Jason have wanted to do for some time and they are excited to bring it to life. We are proud to have VZ Grips on board as a sponsor for this event.

For more information about this unique event visit the 1911 Mastery Course web page.