Birchwood Casey Adjustable Target Stand Kit

Birchwood Casey

New Adjustable Target Stand Kit From Birchwood Casey®  Makes Setting Up a Shooting Range Easy

( – Setting up a stand to hold targets for sighting in and shooting just got easier with the Birchwood Casey® Adjustable Target Stand Kit. Shooters will appreciate the ease of set up and versatility of the stand.

Birchwood Casey Adjustable Target Stand Kit
Birchwood Casey Adjustable Target Stand Kit (Shoot-N-C Target Sold Separately)

The kit comes with six modular uprights, a target stand and a single target backer. The stand can be adjusted from widths of 13” to 25”. A white backer board measuring 19.5” X 19.5” is included and matches up perfectly with Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C® and Dirty Bird® targets which are sold separately.

To set the stand up, all a shooter has to do is place the stand on the ground and insert three of the modular uprights; one on top of the other in the base of the stand to form two legs. The width of the stand is then adjusted for the target backer board. The board is then attached to the legs and targets can be placed on the board.

The Birchwood Casey Adjustable Target Stand is perfect for home, range and hunting camp use. The stand breaks down in to smaller sections and can be stored or transported easily.

Suggested retail price is $53.40.

Visit the Birchwood Casey website at or call 800-746-6862 for more information.