American Handgunner’s 2019 Personal Defense Survive Special Edition Issue

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Beat The Odds With American Handgunner’s 2019 Personal Defense Survive

( – Tired of the zombie apocalypse craze and looking for practical tips you’ll actually use to survive an emergency — both in urban and wilderness settings? The 2019 Special Edition issue of Survive covers everything from how to start a fire and outfit an everyday vehicle into a disaster-prepped rig to a review of top-rated nuke-proof solar generators — and everything in between.

In “Top 10 Tips For Urban Survival,” Tom McHale points to simple, yet critical, ways to increase situational awareness and spot potentially dangerous anomalies in everyday scenarios. Reading signs, counting doors, observing shoes and trusting intuition rank chief among the methods Tom advocates to eliminate potential threats.

American Handgunners 2019 Personal Defense Survive Special Edition
American Handgunner’s 2019 Personal Defense Survive Special Edition

“It’s easy to invest in guns, ammo and gear, but perhaps the best personal protection investment you can make is to develop some strategies to better track your surroundings. Remember, you will definitely win 100 percent of the encounters you avoid,” he informs.

Guns and gear certainly have their place in a survival situation, however, and Survive delivers much in the way of howto choose what’s right for you. Tips on buying a first handgun, the best knives for self-defense, essential items for a survival kit — including a review of today’s tempting MRE options — and a roundup of top backpacks are starting points toward a sufficiently stocked bug-out bag.

Machetes, axes/hatchets and large fixed-blade knives are excellent for survival-based applications. In “A Big Edge,” Todd Burgreen covers modern updates CRKT and BLACKHAWK! applied to traditional field-knife designs. From clearing brush to chopping firewood to food prep and self-defense maneuvers, the large-blade knives and tomahawks proved themselves not only capable of many purposes, but managed to“subconsciously touch our more primitive side when a cutting edge meant the difference between life and death.”

The Survive Special Edition Giveaway has what it takes to put the odds in your favor, starting with a SIG SAUER P365 Nitron Micro Compact. The semi-auto 9mm has an 11-round capacity and clean,crisp trigger. It’s rated for +P ammunition and arrives with XRAY3 Day/Nightsights. The winner will also receive a SIG LIMA 365 red laser sight for the P365 and an Extractor Pump Kit and Micro Squeeze Water Filtration System from Sawyer Products Inc. The package is valued at $825 and readers are invited to enter the free drawing by visiting

Included in the issue is the 2019 Buyer’s Guide — an extensive catalog of firearms, gear and accessories available today. To purchase American Handgunner’s 2019 Personal Defense Survive Special Edition issue, visit your local newsstand or order online at