Warner Tool Company 6mm 88gr Flatline Bullet

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New Flatline Bullet for Shorter Distances Hits the Market

Rigorous Doppler Radar Testing Proves Precision Performance Up to 1400 Yards

Swanzey, NH: (ArmsVault.com) – Warner Tool Company announced today the availability of its 6mm 88gr, a shorter-distance flatline bullet with ballistic performance unrivaled by anything in its weight class (and up to 100gr jacketed bullets). The new bullet will fly as fast as the next lower weight class of bullets but have a Ballistic Coefficient (BC) of the next higher weight class.

Warner Tool Company 6mm

Flatline bullets provide the best performance in projectiles but have been used primarily for Extreme Long Range (ELR) of 2000+ yards. This new 6mm 88 gr bullet disrupts the market by creating a new category for shorter yardage and a broader audience. At speeds of 3200fps+ in cartridges like the 6 Dasher, BR and approaching 3400fps in a 6 Creedmoor, this bullet is more than capable to 1400 yards in sea-level conditions.

Warner Tool Company 6mm 88gr Flatline Bullet Testing

Warner Tool Company tests bullet stability and load recipe verification locally on a regular basis but for new bullets such as this one, testing took place at Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC), a Research and Training Division of New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico using Hornady Doppler Radar technology. This is a unique differentiator to other bullet manufacturers who do not utilize advanced testing techniques. The testing provides an extremely accurate measurement demonstrating velocity measurements roughly every 1 – 2 feet of the bullet’s flight, and resulting in exact measurements of velocity loss due to drag.

“As far as we know, no other bullet manufacturer tests their bullets like we do. For a long time, bullet manufacturers have over-inflated their performance numbers—like BC—to make themselves look good,” said Warner Tool Company Co-Owner, Dan Warner. “Our testing should be a warning to those who don’t execute due diligence in quality testing and pass it onto their customers. The question to others in the industry then becomes ‘How did you arrive at that BC?’”

Unique features of the 6mm 88gr:

  • Supersonic to distances up to 1400 yards
  • Precision Rifle Shooting for 300-meter market
  • Mid-range Fclass up to 600 yards
  • Minimal recoil
  • Minimum twist is 8
  • BC G1 is 0.512 and the G7 is 0.258

This new 6mm bullet will enable small-cartridge shooters to achieve velocities and time of flight numbers they never would have been able to achieve, while exceeding the performance of the heavier bullets they are accustomed to shooting.

“The PRS community has effectively gone head-first into small cartridge 6mm’s for reduced recoil while still being able to shoot long distance,” said Warner. “This 88.6gr bullet will help them achieve this.”

Learn more at https://warner-tool.com/collections/flat-line-projectiles/products/flatline-6mm-88gr.  

About Warner Tool Company: Warner Tool Company is a full-service tool & die company specializing in close-tolerance, precision machine work creating reloading and seating dies, custom rifles, and fulfilling custom orders in milling, turning, grinding, stamping and more.

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