New Cordair Eyewear Combines The Best Of Sunglasses And Goggles

Cordair Eyewear

Eye Surgeon Creates New Eyewear Combining The Best Of Sunglasses And Goggles

Sticks To Your Face So Well, Not Even A Bucking Bronco Can Throw Them Off

Abilene, Texas — ( – Cordair Eyewear and their Eye Surgeon founder, Troy Carter, have created a brand new pair of sunglasses that are sure to be a game changer for the active person. Combining the best aspects from sunglasses and goggles, they stay put no matter what the wearer is doing–even if riding a bucking Bronco.

These groundbreaking new sunglasses use a patented Stemball Technology that allows the cords to be attached to the frames in such a way that helps them to not only stay on the face of the wearer, but also significantly reduce lens fog. Cords come in various colors and can be changed depending on what the wearer wants.

The sunglasses themselves are ultra durable. The frames are Base 8 Curved TR90 nylon injected, and have been proven to be sturdy. The UVA and UVB blocking lenses are scratch and impact resistant polycarbonate, and come in either polarized or non. MSRP is $169.97.

When asked about why he started Cordair Eyewear, Dr. Carter had this to say: “I have spent long nights surgically repairing damaged eyes that were not protected simply because people did not wear eye protection. Over the years I have considered ways to increase people’s usage of eye protection, especially when outdoors doing intense activities like sporting events. People would rather go without sunglasses for comfort reasons, or because carrying glasses around is inconvenient. Our solution was to get rid of the earpieces giving us eyewear that is lightweight, comfortable, and doesn’t slip or fall off when the action accelerates, that also protects from UVA, UVB, and harmful blue light.”

About Cordair Eyewear:

Cordair Eyewear is a new eyewear company with a passion to keep people’s eyes comfortable and safe in any outdoor setting. Their goal is twofold: First, to protect the eyes of anyone wearing a pair of Cordair Sunglasses. Second, to keep active people moving. They like to say, Cordairs stay in place so you don’t have to. Find out more information by visiting their website: