American Handgunner Digs Deep With Concealed Carry 2018 Special Edition

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American Handgunner Digs Deep With Concealed Carry 2018 Special Edition

( – Carrying a firearm for self-defense can be a hassle. What gun is best? Which ammo should be used? How about a holster? Where to start and where to end present an endless list of questions. To eliminate the hassle, the 2018 American Handgunner Concealed Carry Special Edition makes these choices easier for everyone from beginners to seasoned shooters — and anyone in between.

Concealed Carry 2018 Edition

Get the skinny on the PKO 45 from Heizer Defense in “Thin Is In.” The pocket-sized pistol chambered in .45 ACP is turning heads for its breathtakingly trim design. Will Dabbs, MD, maintains, “The PKO 45 runs quickly and well. Follow-up shots are fast, and magazine changes are not bad for what’s in essence a .45 ACP pocket gun. However, this isn’t a service pistol. This is a deep cover defensive weapon that comes out fast and offers instant fire superiority.”

The issue is rich with reviews on today’s most notable self-defense firearms: SIG SAUER’s P365 is redefining the modern compact handgun, and Massad Ayoob weighs in with “Paradigm Shifter.” Editor Michael O. Humphries solves the mystery behind the impressive Canik TP9SF Elite 9mm in “A Canik What?” And for those who have tired of shooting a subcompact, the Walther PPQ SC 9mm delivers a welcome wake-up call.

Everything you need to know for EDC — from the right-size firearm and “concealability” attire to holsters and the nuances of a proper hug — can be found in Tom McHale’s “Top 10 CCW Tips I Learned The Hard Way.” Tom shares, “Toting around a couple of pounds of pistol and ammo daily for the past couple of decades has certainly taught me a few things, that’s for sure.”

Additional highlights in this Special Edition include the best next-generation handgun loads for personal defense on the market today in “Futuristic Firepower.” There are more choices than ever for women in search of concealed carry apparel and accessories; Aimee Grant delivers her favorites in “Chicks Dig It.” And for those looking for a less-lethal alternative, PepperBall offers a safe, secure and sound option with the LifeLite — a combination flashlight, laser and pepper ball device. Readers will also find training and tactics tips, a roundup of the best knives and edged-tools and more.

Concealed Carry has an extra bonus for readers: The updated Special Edition 2018 Buyer’s Guide. This catalog of currently available handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, lights, lasers and concealed carry products is an excellent resource to have in hand when making personal defense decisions.

SCCY Industries’ CPX-3 TT gets top billing in the Concealed Carry Gun Giveaway. The winner will also receive a CCW backpack from Entity 23, Panteao Productions’ training videos and much more. Readers are invited to enter the free drawing by visiting

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