Non-Toxic Target Loads Now Available From Kent Cartridge

Kent Cartridge

Non-Toxic Target Loads Now Available From Kent® Cartridge

June 2018 – ( – Target shooters all over the country are facing the need to shoot non-toxic target loads on a number of clay target ranges including trap, skeet and sporting clays. Kent now has a load designed to fill that need.

The new Elite Steel Target™ loads from Kent® Cartridge provide outstanding performance for shooters who need a non-toxic load. Elite Steel Target loads feature top-quality components and stringent manufacturing processes to ensure tight, consistent patterns.

Elite Steel Target Loads

Custom blended powders burn clean, minimizing felt recoil while providing consistent velocity. Kent’s Precision Steel™ shot is loaded into a custom wad to provide superior patterning for unmatched on-target performance.

Elite Steel Target is currently available in the following loads:

E12ST28 12 Gauge 2 ¾” 1 OZ 1290 F.P.S. #7

E20ST24 20 Gauge 2 ¾” 7/8 OZ 1215 F.P.S. #7

Elite Steel Target loads are shipping to retailers all over the country. Be sure to check with your local source of shotshells to try these new loads.

Founded in 1997, Kent® Cartridge produces a line of high-quality shotshells for hunters and competitive shooters, including Bismuth Non-Toxic, Silversteel®, Tealsteel®, Fasteel®, Elite Target™, Diamond Dove, Steel Dove™, First Dove™, Fast Lead®, Ultimate™ Turkey, ProTrial™ Field Blanks, and Tungsten Matrix®.

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