Holosun Technologies Optics Amazing Battery Life


Amazing Battery Life With Holosun Technologies’ Optics

Walnut, CA (May 9, 2018) – (ArmsVault.com) – When you purchase a battery-powered optic from Holosun Technologies Inc., there’s a good chance the first battery you install will be the only battery you will ever need. Sound far-fetched? Well, consider that Holosun’s dot only reticles run on one CR2032 battery–for up to an amazing 50,000 hours of use!

HoloSun Optic on Guns

In fact, many of Holosun’s Micro and Open Reflex and Tube Reflex Sights are rated at up to 50,000 hours of use from a single battery. That’s 50,000 hours or 2,083 days from one small battery, in both Holosun’s Classic and Elite lines of optics. The HS507C pistol sized Open Reflex Sight can work for up to 100,000 hours (4,166 days for those wondering!) before you need to change out the battery.

HoloSun Battery Powered Optic

Holosun gets such outstanding battery life from its optics thanks to the company’s commitment to creating the best technology. For example, the new Green LED Emitter was built from the ground up by Holosun for its recently launched Elite line of optics. The Green LED Emitter offers extremely high-visibility and multiple reticles, in a high-tech system that is significantly more energy efficient than red emitters.

More energy efficiency, of course, equals longer battery life.

Holosun also builds many of its optics with “Solar Failsafe Technology” and “Shake Awake Technology,”  which extend power source life by switching the optic into the “sleep mode” after a pre-set amount of inactivity. Then, the unit automatically powers back up at the slightest movement.

The Solar Failsafe units feature a dual power source system and the “Advanced Solar Fail Safe,” also developed by Holosun. When there is enough natural light, the units operate from solar cell power. Yet, they will also draw from the battery if the light source is insufficient. “Solar Failsafe Technology” and “Shake Awake Technology” are combined in some models to further extend battery life, providing a two-for-one energy savings on the battery. Furthermore, in automatic mode the solar diode also acts like a light sensor, allowing the unit to automatically adjust reticle brightness to compensate for environmental lighting, thus eliminating the need to manually adjust the optic.”

With this many hours of battery life, it’s no wonder hunters, tactical operators and competition shooters count on Holosun Optics to put them on target, for hours upon hours, with just one battery.

Holosun Technologies, located in Walnut, California, was established in 2013 by one of the industry’s most successful OEM manufacturers. Holosun is committed to creating innovative optic, laser/IR technologies that benefit a broad range of shooting, hunting, law enforcement and military needs. Using the quality manufacturing standards demanded by some of the best known optics brands in the world, with a wide range of affordable options, we provide military grade optics without the military grade price.

Over the course of the past decade, Holosun has been at the forefront of developing new sight technologies to fulfill a variety of shooting needs. Our product line includes innovations such as; 50,000 hr battery life, solar options, the ability to change reticles with the press of a button and IR/Laser units that utilize the most recent advancements in laser and LED technology. At Holosun, we pride ourselves on producing cutting edge equipment with a competitive price that astounds the customer and the competition.

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