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Targeting Market Segment Growth In The May Issue Of Shooting Industry

( – Competitive shooting events not only generate enthusiasm, they fuel customer interest in firearms, ammunition and accessories. The May issue of Shooting Industry reveals why catering to the specialty needs of competition participants represents a unique opportunity to expand sales and a store’s customer base.

C.I. Shooting Sports in Normal, Ill., recognizes the significance of appealing to this sector of the shooting community — not only does it equate to increased sales, it draws in customers they might not see otherwise. The facility pulls in as much as $1,000 a night hosting matches and carries a solid mix of popular firearms, accessories and specialty items for competitors.

Targeting Competition Shooters - Shooting Industry Magazine

“The accessories are obviously what’s going to do the best for us,” Owner Stephen Stewart explains. “We’re always looking for the next cool product for competitors.”

Readers of the May issue will learn how catering to the needs of high-end customers can add an order of magnitude to a store’s bottom line. Knowing the interests of clientele and paying attention to detail lend to the success of stores like Shooter’s World in Tampa Fla. General Manager Bruce Kitzis shares, “When I get in a gun, whether it’s a 1911 or a beautiful old WWII Garand, I already know who I’m going to call to come look at it. It’s important the customer feels like I’m looking out for him.”

Additional highlights inside this issue of Shooting Industry include the first installment of “5 Things To Know About Hiring A Consultant.” In “Part 1: Your Operation,” Senior Consultant Miles Hall outlines the necessity for businesses to be honest, goal-oriented and fully invested when hiring a consultant. Handgun sales take a focal point, with “5 Tips For Greater Handgun Sales” and “The Changing Handgun Market” delivering valuable strategies with current consumer demographics to increase sales in this vital segment. And dealers will learn how a partnership with instructors can form a win-win situation in this month’s “Personal Defense Market.”

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