American Handgunner Big Bore (Desert Eagle L5, Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum)

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Powerhouse Desert Eagle L5 Leads American Handgunner’s Big Bore! Special Edition

( – The premiere issue of the American Handgunner Big Bore! Special Edition pays homage to the monstrous magnums à la Dirty Harry. This compilation includes a mix of all-new material and handpicked classics from past GUNS Magazine and American Handgunner issues. Featuring two iconic handguns on the cover — the Magnum Research Desert Eagle L5 and Smith & Wesson’s .500 Magnum — this FMG Special Edition runs the gamut on all things big bore.

“Certain firearms are iconic,” Will Dabbs MD, declares. “Their cultural impact extends far beyond their simple mechanical influence.” Such is the case for Magnum Research’s Desert Eagle L5. The company recently transformed this legendary platform into a potent concealable handgun that features a lighter and more compact design — with plenty of stopping power. Will ran this packable powerhouse through a variety of loads to great effect.

American Handgunner Big Bore - Desert Eagle L5, Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum
American Handgunner Big Bore

“Once broken in, the L5 gobbled up those gaping Hornady and Federal HPs like a monkey on an orange. Muzzle flip is manageable with proper technique, but the muzzle flash in dim light will make you get religion,” Will said.

Braving a typical Midwest winter day, Jeremiah McCarthy took the mighty Taurus M44 Magnum for a cold weather spin in “Old School Awesome.” The large-frame, six-shot revolver features a 4-inch ported barrel and weighs a hefty 54 oz. — giving shooters the ability to carry a full six-round load of .44 Mag. stopping power. Jeremiah deems the M44, “the product of a delicate balance between the hand-fitted craftsmanship of yore and Taurus’ modern, lean manufacturing process, providing the knockdown power we crave at a price point the average shooter can afford.”

Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center Model S&W 500 is a quintessential big bore — and tops this Special Edition gun giveaway package. The .500 S&W Magnum is built on a massive X-Frame and features a HIVIZ fiber optic front sight, trigger-over-travel stop and PC tuned single/double action. A Spyderco Shaman Black Blade folder knife, and variety of targets from Tactical Target Systems round out the package worth $1,998.80. Readers are invited to enter the drawing for free by visiting:

There’s no shortage of material in this “magnum opus.” Big Bore! reveals the story behind the rare (and amazing) AutoMag, goes out 100 yards — .44 Mag. style — and gets a closer look at Dirty Harry’s legendary S&W Model 29. Learn what holsters haul these heavy hitters best, and the extensive menu of ammo available to feed this hefty caliber.

An all-new Buyer’s Guide includes a catalog of the best big-bore auto, revolvers, knives and more. And a comprehensive Custom Gunsmith Directory provides enthusiasts with a current list of the country’s finest gunsmiths.

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